4 20 2010 Arm Poses.wmv

Just a quick video logging of arm poses during a Chest and Back Session. This was April 2010.

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10 Responses to 4 20 2010 Arm Poses.wmv

  1. Bacchusmbt says:


  2. BIOFORCE2 says:


    Thanks I think the camera adds something.

  3. juanlp088 says:

    looks fantastic men!!

  4. jagalarab says:

    just amazing plz more

  5. yomateacolosio says:

    Biceps as big as your head, AWESOME!

  6. genek64 says:

    Your arms are beyond amazing!! MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. muscleviewer says:


  8. NewNVMan says:

    You look great and are a terrific role model!!

  9. bbgonnabe says:

    Wow!!! 20″???

  10. BIOFORCE2 says:

    @bbgonnabe While I don’t measure anymore, I don’t think they are close to that. I think the camera adds a lot.

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