Any advice for senior portraits?? is it awkward?

i’m really excited to take my senior pictures soon. do you have any advice for what to wear or how to pose? the one thing i’m not sure about is if it would be awkward. and what i mean by that is when people pose with that serious face. i feel like i won’t be able to do that without looking stupid or laughing. how do they do it??

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4 Responses to Any advice for senior portraits?? is it awkward?

  1. Sweet Serenity says:

    hire a professional… their job is to make you look good!

  2. Aleece says:

    I’ve taken head shots.. so it’s the same. Don’t do anything fake. Just smile. Try to get a photographer of the same sex as you so you’re comfortable and not distracted.. A black long sleeve is always nice and thinning I think. Classy.

  3. GetMeTheBigKnife says:

    It’s the photographer’s job to put you at ease.

  4. amy says:

    They tell you exactly what to do. As for the serious face, thats up to you. I couldnt do it without laughing but i got this good one of a half-smile because i was trying so hard not to laugh.

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