ATTN: TEEN GIRLS My senior pictures are on sat! I need help!?

I don’t know what to wear! The place where I’m getting them done suggests a solid polo and jeans for one of the outfits. Does anyone know a place to get a cute, great fitting polo? Forever 21? Hollister? American Eagle? Target?

Or any other suggestions would be fabulous!!

Thanks in advance!

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7 Responses to ATTN: TEEN GIRLS My senior pictures are on sat! I need help!?

  1. Kelseyyy. (: says:

    Aberccrombie has super cute ones..
    To me, all the other ones look guyish. Haha
    Wear the polo in whatever color looks good on you,
    with some destroyed jeans, and wear you hair down.
    Either curl it or straighten it, whichever looks best on you.
    And keep your makeup natural looking.
    Hope I helped. =)
    And congrats on graduating.

  2. Kelly says:

    Hollister and American Eagle have polos that fit pretty well. However, if that is what the place is suggesting, then a lot of girls will probably be wearing that. Try finding something that makes you stand out! I would suggest a cute tank top and a simple necklace. Either way, I’m sure you’ll look great! Have fun 🙂

  3. kelly_m_s92 says:

    Aeropostale or Old Navy.

  4. Princess :D!!! says:

    lacoste has the BEST polos ever!!!!!!!!

  5. Lindzzita says:

    Hollister Polo’s make boobs look really weird and awkward. I am in love with my AE Polo’s and I also love my Abercrombie and Fitch ones, too! And the AE logo will make you look very college because my sister looks very mature in their clothing, so you won’t be ashamed if you can see the logo on the lapel of the shirt. Have fun! =]

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