Black girl relaxed hair HELP!!!?

1) How often should I relax my hair? The last time I got it relaxed was around April 10th and my natural hair is starting to come back. How long should I wait?
2) I don’t like getting braids, I just hate how I look in them, is there some way I can save my hair without geting braids? It falls out a LOT.
3) How can I get my hair to grow? It always grows then falls out at a certain legnth.
4) How can I make it thicker? It thick at the top and thin at the bottom.
5) My hair is all different legnths, some are VERY short and some are long pieces. How can I make them get even without chopping my hair off?
6) How should I wear my hair for my senior picture? No braids.
7) What does it mean to get your hair pressed?

There is no way I will keep my hair natural because I like going straught. Before i got my hair relaxed i had a LOT of hair.

Also, I’m scared to wear extentions/weaves b/c other black girls/boys at my school tend to make fun of you when you do that.

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  1. fall_out_girlx says:

    ok. if your hair is already relaxed you should wait 6-8 weeks to to touch up, and this means that you just touch up and put relaxers on the new growth hair, so your hair thats already relaxed doesnt get re-relaxed, this will damage your hair. use intensive conditioner ( you cant get it at a sallys beauty supply store) and use that every week or every other week. this fixes your damaged hair. and use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner every week. this gets the hair healthy from the inside out.

    pressing your hair is straightening it with a really hot like 500 degree straightener , also at sallys.

  2. L.M.L says:

    Go here and read the information:

    This forum will help you understand how your hair works. Please take the time and read all of the links and pay attention to the 101 and newbies links for each hair topic.

  3. Muara says:

    I used to go to a white school and w.e and i wore weaves and it was fine. IF you get a weave people will say a few comments some supportive but they get over it. For my relaxed hair i use this hair oil called Wild Growth Hair Oil. It thickens up your hair as it grows and helps it grow a lot faster. Also since you had your hair permed in april wait until June atleast to perm it again. Monthly perms are bad for you, you end up over perming your hair and makeing it very weak.I really dont know an alternative to braids that helps your hair grow, braids really are the way to go when giving your hair less stress. About your hair falling out at a certain lenth that could just be the lifespan of your naturual hair, or maybe you are adding to much heat and too much water to your hair. Water and Heat are not good for permed hair.You may want to concider a different hairstyle that works with the differnt lengths of hair. EIther give it a shorter cut to allow your new hair to grow in healthy and strong, or pin it up some how. I hope i’ve helped in some way Good luck.

    I know schools a pain but try not to let others opinions get in your way, they’re not worth it

  4. caitylumpkins says:

    I saw on MTV true life that black girls really can’t do anything with their hair…SORRY

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