Can I wear the same prom dress two years in a row?

It’s my junior prom this year and I found the PERFECT dress. I really like it, but it was 0. I don’t want to spend even more money next year buying another dress that I’ll only wear once or twice. Besides, it’s hard for me to find something I like/feel comfortable in. However, I am afraid that I might be commiting a fashion faux pas by wearing in senior prom next year (i would have bought this for senior prom, but it wasn’t going to be in stores forever). I go to a small school, so everyone knows who everyone is. And then there’s all of the pictures on facebook. I guess I could always joke about wearing the same dress? What do you guys think I should do?

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6 Responses to Can I wear the same prom dress two years in a row?

  1. cricketfan says:

    if u bought an expensive dress and is only going to show it off once then ur going start thinking smart.

  2. Black Haired Beauty says:

    This one is tough. I agree that you don’t need to waste more money on a dress you won’t wear much. I think that you can wear the same dress but change it up. You don’t want to look the exact same in it. Wear a different hairstyle with it, different jewelry, different makeup, those kind of things. And even though it may seem like it, the kids at your school are not going to be looking for dress repeats, so just relax and have fun and enjoy your night.

  3. nicolejoyceee says:

    i think you should buy "the perfect dress" for your senior prom! for your junior prom try going to forever 21 or the 15 dollar store. cheap and they have some real nice dresses.

    hope i helped! 🙂

  4. Confusion With a K says:

    Why not?
    Just do a drastically different hairstyle, wear different accessories, do different make up.

  5. Meg. says:


  6. Sandy K says:

    I would wear the same prom dress. Just add something different to it.

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