Full Action Pose Super Saiyan Trunks by Bandai! (1992)

Quick look at this amazing figure, and a brief lesson on the series. Such an awesome Trunks – one of the original must have figures, if the Dragonball toy collecting world! My next video will be another 2 part extravaganza, so I just thought I would do this quick little one in between…. Might be one other little quick thing before then as well actually ; ) Hello! This is Oldphan, Senior Editor of the Dragonballtoys.com website – Part of the Action Online Network! Please visit us at: www.dragonballtoys.com And follow us on Twitter!: twitter.com

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25 Responses to Full Action Pose Super Saiyan Trunks by Bandai! (1992)

  1. seth1852 says:

    If your still interested
    Im selling this trunks on ebay….

  2. seth1852 says:

    selling this trunks on ebay anyone

    heres the item number


  3. MrFataya says:

    I want to by but i dont have a credit card

  4. freacls says:

    is it buy now and how much is he

  5. freacls says:

    i wouldnt mind that rare Goku its hair is actully gold not yellow like the normal SS Goku some of the DBZ figures have gold painted hair but theu cost a fortune but id love to have that Goku id keep it for ever and take him out the box maybe even give him fangirl cuddles lol

  6. freacls says:

    i cant find your figure is it still for sale and a buy now itim cos if it is ill buy it from you i see it has the gold hair too

  7. freacls says:

    wow i so want that figure of Trunks and id love to own the Goku one too maybe one day ill find Goku never say never also did u have hiccups when making thise video lol

  8. freacls says:

    omg swo Gokus out their somewhere i guess ill need to keep looking on ebay for him iv got the regular figures of Trunks and 2 goku plushies one is his GT form coming from ebay stuck in Germany just now lol but id kill to get that Goku hes awsome

  9. freacls says:

    i have battle damaged teen SS Gohan but onlyy his arms and head moves and his left arm is in the broken pose and hes coverd ic cuts abd bloos i got him and normal injured Goku at a car boot sale for 1 buck each

  10. freacls says:

    yep ebay they have everything really but depends whats up for bidding or for sale i like the buy it now itims once u put in ur deatales then u can relaxe knowing the item is all yours

  11. freacls says:

    noone has that gold haired Goku if they have their keeping very quiet about it cos if i had it id be making videos with him in it but that Goku is like gold dust very rare but out their some where

  12. freacls says:

    yeah ur right maybe it was ment to come out but Bandi changed its mind coz if i had him hell the whole world would know im a huge fangirl of DBZ and im collecting everything of ebay but never seen that Goku coz if id did id fight to own it its an awsome figure far better than my normal Goku

  13. freacls says:

    try googling it but never say never maybe one will pop up on ebay for sale but ill bid like mad for it even if it means using my japan holiday money i so want that figure more than anything

  14. freacls says:

    yeah the dbz Sayian figures with the gold hair are rare and in demand i herd me and my brother have a lot of DBZ figures but our Sayians have yellow hair and thats a very commen colour

  15. freacls says:

    i have battle damaged regular Goku with black hair iv seen Medicom Gohan on ebay but hes tiny and in uk money hes like £60 not worth it and he dosent do much

  16. freacls says:

    probely yellow the gold ones are rare i heard me and my brother have DBZ figures ]their years old and been played with and thrown about also chewed on by the dog and went down the toilet and in the fish pond lol]but our Saiyans are all yellow haired

  17. freacls says:

    well probely the price of a new car silly money a good few thousand id imagin but if ur lucky enoug to get him never take him out the box put him in box in a display cabent unless u plan to keep hi, forever which id do so id take him out of box

  18. freacls says:

    yeah garage sales thrift shopes are great too my brother got fat Buu and Cell their dare i say even the gutter or sidewalk i found a tiny Goten lying in a gutter

  19. freacls says:

    ur like me i got Goku and Gohan battle damaged Gohans in SS yellow haired form Gokus black haired at a car boot sale[we call them that in uk] my brother got Buu and Cell in a charity shop for 50pence each and try even looking in the gutter in the streets i found an inch high Goten lying in the gutter in a puddle when i was walking my dog

  20. freacls says:

    yeah i heard so sell a kidney for a DBZ figure lol

  21. Andro38Z says:

    Hey Oldphan, SSJGoshin4 has that Yardrat Super Saiyan Goku!

  22. Ericrules7 says:

    @Andro38Z She has the regular Super Saiyan Goku. she was just informing everyone else about the Yardrat SS Goku.

  23. taterbrains says:

    Yeah, I heard that only 100 (or somewhere near that) were released. So….yeah if I had that figure, I wouldn’t touch it

  24. acicon says:

    really articulated for a early 90s toy but they look kinda fat cause of how wide their body is

    nice review

  25. maudiesings says:

    i have the goku toy and it is super cool oldphan yes oh yes

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