Getting my senior pictures done in a couple weeks…?

And I can’t decide what I want to wear. I’m going to have to buy a shirt and maybe a new pair of jeans, though. My problem is that I have chubby arms and don’t want to get anything that will emphasize them. But, I’m going to have to wear a three-quarter length button down collared shirt for one set of pictures because one of the sessions has to be in my school dress code, so I don’t want to wear another long sleeved shirt. I have a normal sized neck and shoulders, but my arms are a little chubby and my chest is a little on the large size. What kinds of shirts should I be looking at? Will the professional photographers have me do poses that will take the emphasis off my arms?

One more question: would a darker wash of jeans slim my hips, or does it not matter what kind of wash the jeans are?

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  1. Tarynn says:

    Tops: Wear tops with a cap sleeve to de-emphasize the chest. And don’t worry about your arms. Girls I know that freak out about their arms don’t have anything wrong with them. Ask your photographer if he can retouch your arms a little bit. You can also wear a shirt that has some sleeve, but isn’t full length. Or one with a sleeve that floats away.

    Jeans: Yes, dark wash jeans will slim you. Look for a pair that’s straight legged/bootcut (not skinny!) and is the same wash all over.

    My best advice for senior pictures is to relax and have fun. Your shots turn out so much better and the experience will be great. My brother had his done about a month ago and I got to be a prop in a few of the pictures. The photographer was proffesional and creative and I had a lot of fun.

  2. ??? says:

    i just took my pictures on wends. and i was not pleased with the photgrapher b/c she did not seem like she wanted to be there and was rushing throgh everything, so all i can tell you is most likely the phographer will not have you pose in a certain way to make your arms look smaller

    and darker jeans will slim your hips, trust me

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