Getting Senior Pictures Done, Make-Up Question!?

So im getting my senior pictures done in a week. I am pretty pale, not albino though! I have blonde hair and hazel eyes. My eyes are almond shaped and i have myspace if someone needs to look at my facial structure!

I wear make-up to school every day but what should i use for my senior pictures?

Like the color of blush and eye shadow?

I will have about 5 outfits.

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5 Responses to Getting Senior Pictures Done, Make-Up Question!?

  1. chris says:

    I say you have smoky eyeshadow and a pinkish tint of cream blush. Remember you can use smoky eyes with any color; black, brown, or plum. It depends on your preference since I don’t know what color you like. Since its your senior year I suggested smoky eyes because it makes you look more older and sophisticated, and that’s the impression you woud like to show to people. All the rest of the previous school year books were probably light makeup or no makeup, I would want something more different so I would stand out from my everyday makeup. And remember a light pink lip gloss or nude lipstick will go well with that type of makeup. Make sure you apply mascara to make your eyes stand out whether you choose smoky or not !!

  2. Crossfire Kelly says:

    Wear what you normally do. There is nothing wrong with pale. Talk to your friends or go to a dept store or my fave, a MAC store and ask them for advise. Since we can’t see your face, it’s difficult to help you.
    Good luck, I’m sure you’ll look great!

  3. A nurse 4 u says:

    I can’t offer any advice on the blush and eye shadow, however, I will tell you that almost ALL senior pictures have a "touch-up" service where they make your photo look like your skin is flawless and the perfect color for your picture.
    Now, say "CHEESE!"

  4. susie2962 says:

    Most pictures tend to make the model look pale anyway. Wear what ever makeup you normally do but go a little heavier. Also, use a bronzer instead of blush. You can use bronzer all over, (use sparingly) to add some natural looking colour. The best thing you can do is practice practice practice for the right look before the day.

  5. vera.aurora says:

    I got mine done last year so hmmm, let’s see… I wouldn’t put on much, if any, foundation since they will air brush any blemishes, ect. there might be. Don’t go too heavy on the eyeliner if it’s on your upper lid; I’ve seen this done well and done, well, skankily. So walk that line carefully. Add some mascara, light blush [if you usually use it], some light eye shadow [maybe blue or a brownish gold to warm it up], and some not-too-dark lip gloss/lip stick and you’ll be good!

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