Hair………..Black with long hair?

I’ve had times in my life where I cut my hair really short and I did not like it. I bought extensions and had them put in.

This is what I’ve noticed:
When a black girl has long hair people automatically assume its weave, especially dark skinned black girls. Light skinned black girls people seem to assume they’re mixed and got their white parent’s hair, therefore it grows long and healthy.
Yet, dark skinned black girl, people automatically assume its weave or a wig or something.

Do people think that black people can’t grow long, shiny, healthy hair?

White girls wear extensions (aka weave) yet people just seem to think its their hair.

Has anyone else noticed this besides me?

I’m light skinned. I have long hair but I cut it recently ( I don’t like it) and for my senior pictures and prom and such I’m wearing extensions in my hair. People compliment my hair about how I "grew" it out so long and healthy. Yet, my dark skinned friend who got her hair done at the same place as me, using the same extensions (real virgin hair) as me, on the same day, people say "girl who put in that weave, that stuff is gorgeous." Whats up with that? Even people who don’t know us, never seen me before, never seen her before, assume my hair is real (they assume I’m mix, got my white parent’s hair. I’m not mixed) and her hair is just a good/expensive hairdo.

Anyone else notice this?

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11 Responses to Hair………..Black with long hair?

  1. Murr♥`s Will Demps; perfection!! says:

    Yes i notice it! im milk chocolate skin color & have midback SUPER long & people always ask me "THAT`S YOUR HAIR!?"
    I am mixed, & since i was born i had long hair, but i grow my hair super long & hardly ever cut it. ANYBODY can grow their hair.
    Black girls who have short hair, with 1 or 2 years of taking good care of you hair, it will be long. But their impatient & put weaves in which damage the hair.
    & the weave thing is so stereotypical, im so tired of stereotypes, becuz alot of the get to me.
    But as i was saying, ANYONE can grow long hair. Hair grows about 6inches year. So 2 years, 1 foot, 4 years 2 feet 6 years 3 feet of hair!!!
    ~PeAcE XO

  2. Kristi says:

    some ppl are ignorant. i’m white and i wear extensions. my roommate is very dark and she has long natural hair. it reaches her butt.

  3. John - luvs a natural sistah says:

    All people can grow long hair, it’s just that with all the chemicals and heat that many black women put on their hair it makes it harder to grow.

    Look at people with locs or naturals their hair is long and I know a few sistahs with relaxers that have long hair and it’s theirs.

    I think more black women should go natural because it grows longer that way.

    This dark skin woman has long hair, it’s unstraighten:

    This black woman with a relaxer has long hair, people assume she’s mixed because she’s black from Cuba but she isn’t mixed:

    Another black woman with long hair.
    This is her with her hair unstraighten:

    Her hair semi straighten:

  4. UltraKutie39 says:

    Why is this such a pertinent question who the HELL cares?
    It is yours if you bought,weaved,grow it, etc.

    And 2 points to boot!

  5. ♥Ello ♥ Vee ♥ E♥ says:

    It’s funny because in high school I had SUPER long hair… And a lot of people assumed it was a weave. My hair now is past shoulder length and people STILL ask me if it’s a weave. I don’t get upset or anything, it just goes to show that people assume most black people wear weaves… Even other black people.

    Folks assume that black people’s hair doesn’t grow. If they knew how to take are of it, it would. But I digress… You’re right about people assuming that light skinned people with long hair are mixed and naturally have long hair. IDK, screwed up world we live in I guess.

    EDIT: Let me add that going natural doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to have healthy, long, thick hair! That’s the common misconception that A LOT of black people have. I know plenty of girls with natural hair whose hair looks a hot mess… All dry and frazzled. Why? because they don’t know how to properly care for their hair. They assume because their hair is natural, they don’t need to do anything to it, WRONG.

    Same with women with relaxed hair. They assume because they have a perm, that their hair will be all pretty. That’s wrong also.

    If people knew how to care for their hair, it wouldn’t be an issue.

  6. Monti says:

    It’s ignorance, ignore people like that. After I put shampoo in my hair it’s short and curly, and people assume I’m mixed all the time. I say no and keep it moving.

  7. ♫☠Liberate, my madness!!!☠♫ says:

    I know, it’s really stupid. I’m kinda like gabrielle union’s skin color. And I remember this girl told me that it’s a pretty weave, but I told her that it was real, and she looked at me like she didn’t believe me. I hate people who are like that >:(

  8. :*:NO LIE:*: says:

    It’s small minded way of thinking that some people..So just get over it I have.

  9. gianena says:

    ive noticed…people are just nieve about black girls hair sometimes

  10. ♥That ℓσи∂σи ibrow ♥ says:

    No-one and i mean no-one should concern themselves with how i do my hair.

    my hair grows fast and my mums hair looks thick like asian hair…even tho shes 1/4 asian herself.

  11. fairylala says:

    You knew what they say to ppl who assume. It makes an ass out of u and me! I’m sure your hair is lovely no matter how u wear it! 🙂 don’t worry about what stupid ppl think!

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