Hair………..Black with long hair?

I’ve had times in my life where I cut my hair really short and I did not like it. I bought extensions and had them put in.

This is what I’ve noticed:
When a black girl has long hair people automatically assume its weave, especially dark skinned black girls. Light skinned black girls people seem to assume they’re mixed and got their white parent’s hair, therefore it grows long and healthy.
Yet, dark skinned black girl, people automatically assume its weave or a wig or something.

Do people think that black people can’t grow long, shiny, healthy hair?

White girls wear extensions (aka weave) yet people just seem to think its their hair.

Has anyone else noticed this besides me?

I’m light skinned. I have long hair but I cut it recently ( I don’t like it) and for my senior pictures and prom and such I’m wearing extensions in my hair. People compliment my hair about how I "grew" it out so long and healthy. Yet, my dark skinned friend who got her hair done at the same place as me, using the same extensions (real virgin hair) as me, on the same day, people say "girl who put in that weave, that stuff is gorgeous." Whats up with that? Even people who don’t know us, never seen me before, never seen her before, assume my hair is real (they assume I’m mix, got my white parent’s hair. I’m not mixed) and her hair is just a good/expensive hairdo.

Anyone else notice this?
@Bailey 0_0

Stop trying to be a crude bitch with your generalizations and crazed assumptions.

like white people? No, we don’t.
I’m black and my hair is not nappy. I’ve never needed a perm and never had one.

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7 Responses to Hair………..Black with long hair?

  1. oumar k says:

    Bailey 0_0 u noe ur the biggest white ***** ive ever met in my whole life its so wrong how u say all black ppl have nappy heads. You noe ur welcome for da 10 points dats all u gonna get in ur whole ***** *** LIFE its u who doesnt belong here with white *** self insulting the other members like dat and da only reason i gave dat 10 points is to tell u how ur such a ***** and the jokes on u i wont be suprise if u go bald or somethin but just to let u noe BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL and right now wen i c ppl like u i c nothin more uglier so plz get a life and stop bein rascist we didnt do nothin to u wannabe *** hole ***** u noe wats da problem with u ppl u think ur better dan us and ur NOT its ppl like u who make me soooooooooooo sick u better change or ur gonna regret it God is watchin u and i c ur answers to other questions about black ppl wit there hair u answer dem rudely like da ***** *** white person u really r just noe dat WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND its called really bad KARMA!!!

  2. Michele says:

    i’ve noticed it too. it’s almost like people just automatically assume that if you have dark skin and have long hair it’s a weave. it annoys me a little.

  3. <3 says:

    dont worry
    dont care what other people say
    racism is something that unfortunatly hapens with many races in many cities more races in other cities but
    dont let it affect you
    if you have healthy perfect hair enjoy it
    my hair is straight and soft and shiny and people think that i straighten it everyday or like i cant have hair naturally that way and sometimes it deos bother me, but whatever im happy my hair is this way

  4. Amira Alexandra says:

    Yes, unfortunately people are uneducated when it comes to black hair. People always say my hair is a weave even though it’s real and only shoulder length because they assume that black people can’t grow long hair. (the funny thing is that I’m mixed and people still think my hair is a weave) Also, I hate to say it, but 8 out of 10 black females wear weaves, wigs, extensions, etc. so this only plays into the popular belief. The fact is that EVERYBODY’s hair grows at approximately the same rate, the only thing that holds back black girls tends to be too much chemicals (relaxers) and the lack of moisture. That’s why I, and many other black or mixed females, have created systems or youtube channels to educate girls in growing out their own hair long, beautiful, and healthy so that people will slowly stop asking "is that a weave??" lol

  5. marissa says:

    Oh, yes, I’ve definitely noticed it. Stupid stereotypes. I have a dark-skined black friend and she doesn’t have weave and her hair is past her shoulders, long, healthy and not greasy at all. That’s because I’m sure she didn’t ruin it with lots of relaxers or burnt it and takes good care of it. I’m mixed with black and white(Jewish/European mix) and my hair’s long, black and curly and when i straighten it, no one ever thinks it’s a weave-although one time someone did ask if I had extensions. I guess people are just so used to black girls ruining their hair and having to get weave or extensions (stereotypes). I don’t immediately see a person with a particular shade of skin and a particular type of hair and think that way, but sadly a lot of people do. But you know, the majority of black girls with long, healthy-looking hair do have a weave or extensions. But this is also true with white girls-especially celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Miley Cyrus, Hayden Pennitierre (sp?). They cut their hair short and decide if they want short or long hair, they can just take out or add some more weave or extensions. Go figure. But yeah, black people are just as capable as white people to grow healthy, long hair if they simply take care of it same with mixed people.

  6. LadyCamille says:

    I’m sorry that you’re taking it personal and seeing this as an insult, but these people are making assumptions based on fact. The fact is, *most* dark skinned black girls can not naturally grow long, straight hair. It alsmost always takes effort on their part, and most often is a weave. The other fact is, *most* light skinned girls are capable of growing long straight shiny hair, so it’s only natural that people would assume your hair has grown and is not a weave. It’s "nothing personal", though. It’s not just some anti-black stereotype we’re talking about, here. I’m a hairdresser, and I do everyone’s hair. I know from experience, that more often than not, very dark people have to use relaxers to get their hair straight. As a result of such harsh chemicals, the hair tends to break off from damage, and it is extremely difficult to grow it long. It’s very unfortunate and sad, but it’s just the way it is. I have had a total of two of my very-black friends who were able to grow their hair somewhat long… halfway down their backs… with the help of a relaxer. But they need constant trims, I know because I am the one who always does their hair. The darn chemicals cause their hair to break off, but fortunately for these two, their hair is so good it can withstand the chemical damage slightly better than most dark women.

    It’s true, though, you’re right, it is an assumption based on ‘the usual stereotype’ of hair types. But for the most part, these assumptions are founded on the more-often-than-not facts. I don’t think it’s a bad reflection on the person making the assumption.

    Just like, if I were to see a dark black girl with light blue eyes, I might assume she is wearing colored contacts. Because, in my personal experience, I have never seen a dark black woman with light blue eyes. Not that it can’t happen, but it is so rare that I have never seen such a case. If I were to see you, I may assume your blue eyes are just from nature. If your dark skinned lady friend were beside you with blue eyes, it would only be a natural response to assume her blue eyes are contacts. This is only because The Creator doesn’t typically create dark women with blue eyes, OR with fine straight hair, and I know this from having walked on this earth for many years with my eyes open.

    I hope this helps you a little bit, I feel bad that it is obviously bothering you and you are seeing it as insulting. But I really don’t think you are seeing the point of view of the people saying such things, no offense. I’m just hoping to clear it up a little for you 🙂 I love all peoples, and I certainly don’t see my opinions of hair type or eye color as a reflection of some innate prejudice or anything! 🙂

  7. i'm a gummy bear =] says:

    sorry you have to hear such ignorance from bailey 0_0 and ladycamille *rolls eyes*

    but yeah sadly this whole dark skinned/light skinned; good hair/bad hair sh!t still happens. i have a friend who’s darkskinned and claims she has "good hair" and she complains or brags that her hair will be longer than mine yet,it hasn’t grown past her shoulders for 6 years. because of her "good hair" but she still gets relaxers *rolls eyes*. tell me why every since i stopped getting relaxers (7 months ago exact) that my hair has grown 6 inches longer? yeah,go figure lol. i’m transitioning from relaxed to natural. my true hair texture is shiny waves/coils every since i stopped getting relaxers. but i’m not saying that relaxers are bad. just over doing them and getting them EVERY month or two is just overdoing it to ME lol

    africans,african americans or mixed people DON’T have the same hair types

    eritrean girl

    eritrean girls

    eritrean girls

    ethiopian children

    darkskinned Black woman with long hair and different texture

    lightskinned Black woman with long hair and different texture

    Massawa girl – Eritrea

    ethiopian man with straight hair

    ethiopian boy with curly hair

    -so that’s proof that, lightskinned/darkskinned; kinky/straight/curly/wavy texture; african/mixed or african american: HAIR IS HAIR! hair grows regardless. it’s all about how well you take care of it.

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