hairdo for senior picture??

hey, i am getting my senior picture soon. my hair is naturally straight, light brown/ dark blonde, and alittle longer than my shoudlers. i want to keep my hair straight but i do not know what i want to do with it. i will be getting my picture taken outdoors. i am planning on wearing a green striped button down shirt and dark wash jeans. the backdrop will be a wooden fence and an apple orchard. some of the pictures will be with my horse she is chestnut colored (light brown). i dont know if you need all this information but thanks for the help!!

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5 Responses to hairdo for senior picture??

  1. Amy says:

    Leave it straight, that’s what I did for mine, and what most of my friends did, and all of our pictures came out nice.

  2. Delaney says:

    try teaseing it or maybe curling it in ringlets…

  3. Claudia C says:

    if i were you i would leave it natural, making it curly or something might seem really fake and when you look back at that picture you’re gonna wanna look like yourself. maybe a cute little wave would be nice, but nothing over the top.

  4. kayfurminatorr says:

    well if you are going to keep it straight…

    leave it down and make sure your hair is pulled over your shoulders so you can see all of it.

    half up, half down

    poof at the top

    tease the top of your hair for volume

    braid one front piece and clip it to the side

    braid into a half up half down

    i can’t think of anymore sorry…

    GOOD LUCK! :]
    i bet you will look great no matter what

  5. meganlikesjello says:

    Half up, but make the half up part a very small amount. And secure with a little jaw- clip or small hairtie. Keep it natural most deff. Have fun!

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