HELP! i have senior pics this week!!?? 2 questions?

this thursday i have my senior pictures (for the yearbook) so that means that i have to were that little drape thing which is black. usually i dont wear makeup and if i do i only were eye makeup (shadow, liner & mascara)
my mom would like for me to wear a little bit- not all cake face, just a touch here and there.
i do have acne and my skin is oily so i would like to cover it up for my pics. i have chocolate brown eyes (so i can go with any color eyshadow), really dark brown hair and my skin color is light tan.
my questions are:
1. what kind of makeup should i use? (cover girl, revlon, ect..)
2. and i dont want to be all cake face so what should i use- like what kind of foundations [liquid, powder] and stuff like that??

here is a picsture of me (its the most recent one i have)

and if you guys have other tips that would be great!!
this is the rmost recent pic i have but the only problem is that im wear foundation in it …i do have acne and lately i i had a bad out break.

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4 Responses to HELP! i have senior pics this week!!?? 2 questions?

  1. Emma. says:

    I really like Maybelline PureMakeup foundation – it’s oil-free & made with 50% water, so it doesn’t clog your pores. It does have good coverage though & it matches skin tones well which is nessacary for pictures. I would also recommend a pressed powder (Covergirl has good, cheap ones); I will help cover up oil & shine, and would be easy to apply between pictures if you want.

    I also really like Revlon ColorStay Active foundation – it’s around $8. It has amazing coverage & blends really well.

  2. hey. says:

    you should use covergirl oil-free clean makeup, but i dont see why you would have to, you have great skin.

  3. wwefan1324 says:

    you have nice skin.

  4. GIRLL says:

    I would recommend using liquid foundation, it goes on a lot smoother. Also, in the picture it seems that you have good skin so you could just use a tinted moisturizer instead of actual foundation (e.g. Covergirl Smoothers Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer $6) i’ve been using this for years and its good if you don’t have too bad of a skin…but if you do want a lot more coverage than I would also recommend Revlon ActiveWear Foundation $10, since it’s light (for people who lead active lives lol).But senior pictures usually don’t show too much skin details since the picture comes in great quality and skin imperfections don’t show, so focus on pretty lips and eyes!

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