Help Me Pick My Senior Picture!

Tell me which one you like the best so I can put it in the yearbook! Subscribe to my other channel!!!! Follow me on

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25 Responses to Help Me Pick My Senior Picture!

  1. ITULETU says:

    ONE OR 3

  2. formysunny says:

    If it is going to be in color I think 0:55 would be a beautiful choice(:
    I also love 0:11 .. looks so natural and you look happy!

    Whichever you choose, they are all adorable. (:

  3. luvliis4eva says:

    1 or 7 (:

  4. FashionRach says:

    i really like the first one (:
    but they are all amazing!! <3

  5. MakeUpFreakazoid says:

    Number one! Or Five!

  6. MeetBrianne says:


  7. funygrl003 says:

    I can see how you’re having trouble. Lol. I’d say one of the first 3 or the one at :41. Hope that helped lol. (:

  8. iAmEphalent says:

    1, 3, 7, 8
    and your school did those??? wow
    thats really nice
    senior pics in my school are like against the boring background with a rose or something

  9. crystalc0la says:

    i say 1 or 6 :)~

  10. makeupbeauty209 says:

    1. 3. 5. but ur mostly all pretty in all of the pics u took

  11. razzlebdazzle says:

    @iAmEphalent Haha well they let us do them but we have to hire our own photographer

  12. PeruvianChick06 says:

    3,5,6,8 lol!! Ur soo pretty!

  13. stylenamji says:

    my favorite is #1. :)

  14. drayden14 says:

    #1 (:

  15. kelseeeycakes says:

    i would go with 7 because the background compliments you without taking away from you’re beauty. (:

  16. punkerjoe says:

    Either 0:27 or 0:41 :)

  17. Neeellaa says:

    1, 2, 5 … 2 is my favorite

  18. vintagebabe2010 says:

    3rd is my favorite!

  19. Melodie96 says:

    3 or 10

  20. xZoeGreenx says:

    I love the one where you’re on the rocks and where you’re in front of the pink flowers, but honestly, they’re all ridiculously pretty and you could choose any one you wanted x

  21. nidhiluve says:

    1 and 5

  22. DubiousDetour says:

    any picture you’re wearing that colourful floral top, because it’s makes you look bright and lively!

  23. yumcheesy5 says:

    the one with the pink flowers, it’s the happiest

  24. agnethavdk says:

    White shirt and trees!

  25. 0hSnapJackster says:

    3rd one (:

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