Help picking an outfit for senior photos?

Ok, so sometimes I am horrible at figuring out what to wear, because I have an idea of what kind of a look I want, but I can never make an outfit out of it. For my senior photos, I already have a dress picked out for some more glamor type photos. For another outfit though, I want to do some poses with my guitar. My mom said I can’t go all out rock star for my senior pictures, but I do want a cool outfit with a rocker edge to it. So what are some outfits I could make?

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2 Responses to Help picking an outfit for senior photos?

  1. Nargus says:

    skinny jeans tucked into hot boots or with ballet flats and a vintage (style) band t-shirt that you’ve distressed a little, like by cutting it into a boatneck (think flashdance sweater, but t-shirt)

  2. Mundimon M says:

    just wear whats in fashion

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