help putting together a casual outfit?

i need help putting together a casual outfit for my senior pictures. i know that i want to wear a cute pair of skinny jeans and some flats, but don’t know what to get for the top. i also don’t wanna make it look too casual in which i just wear a regular shirt. does anyone know any websites or anything where i could see some examples of tops to wear with skinny jeans? and if anyone has any tips or ideas please let me know.

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  1. Jenniferrrr D says:

    wet seal has some cute tops that are inbetween classy and casual

  2. hathatshowilaugh says:

    forever21 has a variety of different styles of shirts,
    and you should check out

  3. Ashlee L. says:

    make the top something looser, those types of tops go best with skinny jeans.
    Try looking at the knit tops at hollister, or try the website
    they have my favorite tops to wear with skinny jeans, and hollister is all about being classy and casual.

  4. Morgan says:

    here a really cute outfit.

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