Help! Senior pictures this sunday, make up advice needed!?

Okay so I’m doing my senior pix this sunday (I’m so stoked :D) and the place that I’m doing it at says to wear like a natural look makeup and not night time makeup (idk what that means). I have naturally black straight hair, medium tan skin (I’m indian) I have a couple of light freckles, dark brown eyes, short straight eyelashes and full lips.

I already know I’m using clinque superfit foundation in golden beige.

i need a powder (minerl perferably)
makeup to make my dark eyes look lighter (no eyeshadows)
a tinted lip gloss that won’t make my lips look any fuller only shiny but not sticky.
a blush to make my face glow
and I have eyebrows that are not bushy so I need something to make them darker but natural.
I want my eyelashes to look full and curled.

any beauty tips would be appreciated.

NOTE: I’m only using this make for the pixs so only drugstore products that are cheap.

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2 Responses to Help! Senior pictures this sunday, make up advice needed!?

  1. Caitie says:

    Ok. The powder that I’ve found works the best is L’Oreal True Match. Go to the drugstore (like CVS) and find the closest one to your skin. (i suggest you go one or two shades darker- when you brush on the loose powder, it spreads out, and can show up a shade or two lighter, leaving you looking like a ghost). Since you have indian skin and dark brown eyes, you should play them up with a nice eggplant purple liner- liquid if you can, but a soft kohl is okay too. For really open, awake eyes, try this: Get an iridescent shade of loose eyeshadow like a sparkly white or pale pink. Using your finder, apply it right under the curve of your eyebrow and on the inside tearduct of your eye, where your nose meets the corner of your eye. This will highlight your eyes, which are probably your best feature. For lipglosses, try burt’s bees. It’s really good for your lips, and doesn’t go on sticky like most of the L’Oreal, Maybelline, and Covergirl lipglosses do. You may have to wear a different shade of lipstick underneath ,though, since they really just provide a tint of color, it’s not very opaque. Try Physician’s Formula blush, it’s mineral, so no breakouts before you get your senior pictures taken! It has a blend of colors, so the spot where you apply doesn’t stand out, It blends in nicely with your skin. For darker eyebrows, you need a pencil. Try Unstoppable by maybelline. Find the one that best matches your hair color, but isn’t too harsh. You can use it to fill in the brows and make them appear fuller, and more natural. For eyelashes: Get a good quality curler, like Covergirl. Put the curler as close to the root of the lash as possible, squeeze, hold for 15 seconds, release. If they’re uneven, you can keep trying until they look right. Apply Define-A-Lash mascara- only one coat or else it begins to clump.
    Good Luck!
    *All of these products can be found at the drugstore*

  2. aiyette says:

    This doesnt answer your question, but I think it will help: First, test each make-up on your wrist to see if you are allergic or not. You wouldn’t want to have so many pimples on your face, and nobody does 🙂

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