help with Senior Pictures?

i wasnt born in the us and i dont know that much about senior pictures.
i cant ask anybody about them so im gonna ask here.

Do i have to take a senior picture?
what am i supposed to wear?
what is it for?

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  1. WhereYouAt says:

    i think its optional not sure tho?
    usually people wear nice looking outfits like suits and stuff…
    its for yearbook

    and i think that in the end they "enhance" your picture if you want to in order to take out pimples and stuff kinda like photoshop since everyones pic is soo perfect looking in the yearbook its skeptical to me and i heard from some friends too =]

  2. .allz. says:

    – it is highly recommended that you do
    – you can wear casual clothes like Jeans and a nice top
    but if you want to go more dressy id say a buttoned up top and nice slacks or a skirt
    [bring a bit of both]
    – Its for the yearbook and just to record your time as a senior.

  3. yadi! says:

    You don’t have to take it but if you do they go in the yearbook.
    They give you what to wear unless your going to take extra pictures.

  4. Oreo says:

    Senior pictures are a big deal to most Americans (especially girls). You will need to take a picture for the yearbook/school ID. Some schools do this during the senior portrait session, other schools will take yearbook photos at a later date. Senior pictures are used to acknowledge your final year in HS, most people will give larger prints to important family members and pass out smaller ones to friends and teachers. What you will want to wear is something nice. Your school may have rules, so you may want to contact them for information. You would want your outfit to be more than just a reg t-shirt and jeans. But you dont want to go over the top either with a big fancy outfit. Try for a nice clean cut look. I am photography student, and in portraiture it is recommend to have the subject where solid colors, nothing with pictures on the shirt. Find an outfit you like and makes you happy though. Its your picture, representing you. So just be yourself 🙂

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