High School senior pictures

Ok so i’m a senior, obviously haha and i’m getting senior pictures taken this weekend.

I initally planned on wearing black dress pants, black dress shoes, a black dress shirt, white t-shirt inside.

I’ve heard some people say the picture might not turn out well with black clothing, but we haven’t taken into account what the lighting would be like, the background and so forth. If that particular photographer is a professional, i’m sure theres SOMETHING he can do to make black stand out fine.

I have short black hair, medium tan skin.

I think this will go fine,

i’m bringing an extra pair of jeans along and maybe a black t shirt for back up, but from what I have, do you think it will be sufficient enough?

Opinions and advice please ! 🙂
Ok if you’re not going to help, don’t post your shit here. Not everyone is perfect, if you’re looking for a perfect person then go look for a different question and hope to God that it’s perfect, because from what I got out of this “yahoo asnwers” we’re here to ask questions so we can improve.

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9 Responses to High School senior pictures

  1. wasacon says:

    Believe me sweetpea, when you get to be a Senior Citizen, no one will care about what you wore in your highschool picture. And yes, a professional photographer will make anything you are wearing come out great.

  2. mikskali says:

    Wrong category. Not to mention trivial.

  3. c504play says:

    this is senior as in age, why are so many seniors in high school starting to post in this senior section??

  4. DR W says:

    When you become a senior citizen, you won’t worry about senior pictures.

  5. Terry says:

    You might want to consider wearing a little color around your face instead of white or black. Many professional photographers recommend wearing navy blue because black tends to disappear in some photos. Bold color also gives an impression of strength.

  6. mrwizard says:

    Perfect, knock em dead. Don.t forget the black sachet

  7. cricketlady says:

    It sounds fine> Do you have any accent pieces to wear–such as a pin, or earrings? But you will be fine either way.

  8. bigjohn B says:

    Another lost soul with limited vocabulary. Has probably been looking for the Freshman, Sophomore and Junior page for three years. Sad, so sad.

  9. Greggy says:

    Try asking people your own age. We’re senior citizens and not interesed in chatting with teenagers.

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