help with some ideas for my senior picture?

i would greatly appreciate if any one could help give me some ideas with, my hair color (any bright colors or one regular color), haircut, what should wear and how i should do my make-up, I’m really nervous about it and not sure what to do

here are the most recent pics of me

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  1. DCReed says:

    For senior pictures I recommend a few things, but specifically to your questions: I’d use your natural haircolor and subtle make-up. I’d also take some hair accessories so that you can have it down, pulled back, pulled to the side, etc. A good photographer shouldn’t mind you making some changes along the way.

    Some other tips:
    – take some different clothing options. Formal, casual, college-like.
    – Take some props of things you’re interested in. If you play the tuba, take your tuba. (Okay…maybe some sheet music might work better than a tuba.) If you’re in sports, take an item from your sport.

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