horse photo shoot!!!! senior pictures!?

i am going to be having my senior pictures taken either this fall, or next fall, im not really sure what we are doing. but anyway, what can i do to make sure my horse gets extra clean? and what should i wear? i’ve got black kentucky jods, pink/black breeches, and regular tan breeches, but my mom dropped bleach on them but accident when she was washing them, so now they’ve got a boomerang shaped bleach stain on the butt 🙁 or should i just get regular clothes, like jeans and a nice shirt? and should i use my horse’s leather halter or one of her colored halter, the colored halters are purple. and if the photographers ask should i have them come to me? or trailer my horse to their studio? my barn is very scenically beautiful, lots of pine trees and trees that change color on the fall, and has a pond. no nasty answers please! i’m just really board and want to look into the future for a little bit.
some of my friends got their pictures taken with their horses, and the photographers told them that if their horses are dark then wear light/neon colors and if your horse is light then wear dark/pastel colors is this true? my horse is black what colors should i wear?

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  1. HorseGirl7 says:

    All you have to do to get him really clean is just groom and bath him really well. Unless hes white…I think you should just wear regular clothings like a nice shirt and jeans. Go with the leather halter and to you last quesion, your barn sounds beautiful and a great place to take pictures so you should definatly ask him to come out there. Good luck

  2. Cassie says:

    Most people where either dressier normal clothes (nice blouse and jeans) or go all out in a dress. Not really practical for the barn, but you’re posing, not working.

    Leather halter. Definitely.

    The photographer comes to you. Which could be your house or just some pretty field.

    Just clean your horse like you would for a show – bath, clipped, show sheen, and lots of brushing

  3. huntergirl says:

    I think you should wear jeans and a favorite shirt that you have. Maybe make your hair wavy or something.
    For your horse, use his bridle, it will look better and fancier in the pictures.
    I think that the photography should come to your barn. Your horse will be more relaxed and there will be lots of room for you to get many backgrounds in your pictures. Also the photographer may not have a good place for you and your horse to be.
    I don’t think it will matter too much what color you wear as long as it is not too close to the color of your horse’s coat. The photography probably said that so the girl’s shirt would pop out from the horse.

  4. Jen says:

    stay at your house, wear nice or dressy clothes, leather halter, and if your horse is black, wear any color but black (except if you wear nice black jeans or pants). also take some pictures without your horse too. A good shirt color could be a bright pink, a bright vibrant purple, greens, bright blues, ect.

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