How do I apply Neutrogena quad eyeshadow?

I think I have the "Tea Biscuit" brown color. I have fair skin and blue eyes. I use a little bit of brown eyeliner and mascara currently. I like understated makeup for the most part but I need help for my senior pictures.

I just don’t understand the directions on the makeup and when I applied it like I saw on What Not to Wear, I looked like a raccoon.

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  1. Just Another Day says:

    This eye chart can help you:

    You should have four colors in your palette. They are labeled "Base", "Highlighter", "Crease", and "Accent."

    1. Natural Look: Apply the "Base" color on your eyelids. Apply the "Highlighter" color above the "Base" color. The "Highlighter" color should be under your eyebrows.

    2. Casual Look: Apply the "Crease" shade on your crease. There is a little ridge that is like a half moon.. The crease would be under your eyebrows. Apply the shade called "Accent." on the outer corners of your eyes. Use whatever shade you want for your eyelids.

    3. Smokey look: This look requires the "Accent" and "Highlighter" shade. Apply the "Accent" shade on your lash lines. Apply it on your upper and lower lash lines, like how you would apply your eyeliner. Apply the "Highlighter" shade on the inner corners of your eyes. The inner corners is the tear ducts on your eyes, it’s near the bridge of your nose.

  2. Bianca says:

    Check out a tutorial on youtube, you dont have to do it exactly like the Neutrogena instructions say. there are many ways

  3. lillylollie123 says:

    there is a basic way to put on eyeshadow when you are using more than one color….use a very light color (white, light pink, light gold) to put on your brow bone and inner corners of your eye…this will brighten up your eye making it look more awake. next, put a light-medium color on your lid (for example light brown) next, use a darker eyeshadow (for example dark brown)) to pur in the crease of your lid for define the eye…make sure to blend all of it out to make sure there is no harsh lines….put on a little bit of brown eyeliner (or probably none if you are using dark colors) and a little big of mascara. use a nice bright pink peachy color for your cheeks (the apples of your cheeks…you can find the little round thing is the apple of your cheek when you smile) bright blush will help brighten up your entire face making you look happy and bright (use a light hand when applying) a little bit of sheer gloss (go light since you have fair skin) will finish the look. hope this helps!!! 🙂

  4. Andrea says:

    Did you blend the colors together after applying them? Blending is the key when you’re applying different shades of eyeshadow. Once you’ve applied all of the colors, use a blending brush to get rid of the different colored harsh lines and provide a gentle more natural looking transition from one color to another.

    Check this link:

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