How do I decide what to wear for Senior pictures!?!?

My Senior pictures are coming up and I’m supposed to bring my own clothes. The photographer suggests long sleeve shirts, but I don’t own any flattering long sleeve shirts. Major delima… Any suggesstions, pionters, or tips for a great senior picture are welcomed!

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4 Responses to How do I decide what to wear for Senior pictures!?!?

  1. ButterflyLJK says:

    I suggest not dressing up much. For mind I wore a long sleeve shirt with cut out parts on top…showing my shoulders…and a pair of nice jeans. My hair was simple. Makeup simple. The photographer told me to wear what I would normally wear(as long as it wasn’t my PJs lol). Just go with what you find comfortable. I recommend a ‘classy’ outfit. One that is you.

  2. cutie_pie 1 says:

    You don’ t have to do what the photo man suggests just wear something flirty that will bring out your most important features!

  3. D33p ThoUghT says:

    well pic your best outfits that’s what I did as a matter of fact I didn’t wear anything long-sleeved. I suggest you pick out some of your most flattering outfits and stick to that.

  4. Ms Sunlight says:

    Something classic — don’t try and be too fashionable!

    The reason I say this is, your family are going to want to keep this picture and may want to display it for many years to come. In twenty years time you don’t want to look at it and say, "Oh my God, I can’t believe I wore that!" Think I’m kidding? Ask anyone in their 30s onwards what they think of their pictures from school. (Sometimes I look at my own pictures from just 5 years ago and cringe!)

    How about a nice plain knitted top, or long-sleeved T-shirt? Or something a bit clean and preppy like sportswear?

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