how should i do my makeup for my senior pictures?!?

I have senior pictures this week and i want to know how I should do my makeup? i have short black hair and i have a medium to dark skin. i really want to go for the natural look so what kind of color eyeshadow should i wear? and can you give me suggestions of neutral eyeshadow colors from the drugstore? like what brand? and how should i do my hair?

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  1. It's Katie*! says:

    Ahh, senior pictures. You’re already on the right track making sure you wear some natural makeup. After all, it’s one of those pictures you will always have and remember. I’m light skin-toned and I did a rich brown and blended it into a light sheer beige color. And it came out perfectly.

    Since you’re darker skin-toned than I am, and want it to look natural, maybe you should do the same. Use a dark/rich brown on your lid and blend it into your natural skin tone. I used three or four similar (but still different) shades to make my eyes look their best. Like, a dark brown, a lighter brown, a lightest brown kind of thing. That would be my suggestion. I used Ulta brand, because they’re some of my favorites, and not very expensive.

    If you want a drugstore brand, I would have to go with something along the lines of Milani or Rimmel (if your drugstore has those). I like Milani because it’s department store quality at a drugstore price, and I like Rimmel because they have unique colors.

    I hope I helped!

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