How should I get my hair cut? Emo/scene style?

I’m going to get my hair done in a few weeks and I think it’s time for a change. Right now it’s light brown, has some blonde highlights that have grown out, and is long with grown out layers and swide swept bangs that look like crap lol. Here is a pic:

I wear glasses though. So this is like the only recent pic I have with my glasses:

So I know for one thing that I want like fuller bangs, where they cover more of my face, without looking like I just parted my hair further to the side. Cuz I’ve tried that, looks like crap lol. But I don’t know how to explain that to a hairstylist. I like the look of emo and scene styles, like this one:
(Top pic, brown hair)
I don’t want anything too crazy because I will have to take senior pictures this summer. Maybe after that I’ll get some cool coloring in it or something, but for now, maybe just highlights? More importantly though, I’d like some suggestions on styles. So what do you guys think would look good? Something that would compliment my face shape would be good. Speaking of which, what is my face shape? Lol I can’t tell. Pictures would really be appreciated. Thanks so much!

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2 Responses to How should I get my hair cut? Emo/scene style?

  1. Kelly! says:

    you have a square face shape. (like me!)
    And bring the picture in to a hairstylist and they will do what the picture shows 🙂
    and i would go lighter and get highlights to bring out your blue eyes, layer your hair, and get extensions THAT MATCH YOUR HAIR(it never looks good when the extensions are a different color). That way, if you want your hair short one day you can always remove the extensions, but if you want your hair long one day you can just clip them in 🙂

  2. Leah Muldoon says:

    I cant see you pulling off an ’emo’ hairstyle, sorry. You could try, and prove me wrong however. 🙂

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