How should I wear my hair for my senior class portrait photo?

My hair is mid-length (about 4 inches past my shoulders) and curly. I don’t really want to wear it in an updo because it wouldn’t look good with what we have to wear. I also don’t want to wear it like I’ve always worn it during school (I wear it half-up – like with a little bit of it in a ponytail and the rest is down).

I would have gone to the salon and have them done it but I waited too late.

Any ideas? Pictures would be appreciated.

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One Response to How should I wear my hair for my senior class portrait photo?

  1. ωєєєє says:

    Well i was going say use mousse, but your hair is already curly, thought mousse gives it the lovely wet look, all you is when your hair is wet, scrunch the mousse in, this is an result:

    or have you thought of straightening it? not just boring old straight hair, but the scene type of style (not emo)

    like this:

    big hair is big now days lol.

    if you like this, and want to know the steps , just type on google

    how to scrunch hair (for the mousse effect)


    how to style scene hair (for the 2nd option , big hair)

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