how should I wear my hair for Senior Portraits tomorrow?

I used to have long beautiful blonde hair, but I went through an immature phase in my life, and died it black, and cut it all off, and now Im paying the price, Senior portraits are tomorrow, and I dont know how I should wear my hair. My natural hair is very super short, I do have a hairpiece to wear, but my hair is a darker blonde, and the hairpiece is a lighter blonde, I really just want to go with my natural hair, but it looks so ugly short, I could also take the hairpiece and make it into a bun, but its so big and bulky, please let me know what you would do if you were me. Should I just forget these pictures all together?
I was going to add photos, but I didn’t know how to work Photobucket.
With the hairpiece bun.
With the hairpiece.
My regular hair.
I finally got the photos, the third one is my real hair without the piece.

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8 Responses to how should I wear my hair for Senior Portraits tomorrow?

  1. Last Action Gyro says:

    Go to a salon and ask someone to style it for you. You definitely do not want to just have it back in a bun. Look online for some short hair styles or through old yearbooks to see how others wear their hair for senior portraits.

  2. Ashley says:

    upload them to tinypic

  3. emollz24 says:

    i would wear it the way that you wear it the most!
    senior pictures are to portray who you are, and you don’t want to look different than usual! =]

  4. Pria:)♥ says:

    use the hair piece to make a bun.

  5. Toni says:

    its hard to answer without pictures or anything but i would try to put your bangs back and curl it

  6. lozziekj says:

    Aww you shouldn’t of cut it or anything! Did you go through a emo/gothic stage or just an imature one? I went through one of those and dyed my hair dark brown. Have it with a headband, tomorrow?1

  7. Lady_Breeze323 says:

    Aww, I never took mine, bcoz I depised the school. But if i DID, my hair would have been down, naturally.
    In your case, you sound pretty un-hollywood, meaning you have your own style. You can also go super funky by adding pieces for length, but then put some coloerd ones so they show in the photo. You can also do the COMPLETE oppsite by wearing the short cut, but SPIKE MOHAWK it.

    Look 2 things this way – You’re either going to make it the last time you get pretty, or the BEST prank picture ever. I wish I had this idea a few years ago…..drat! That picture is going to be GWAKED over, so make it UNFORGETTABLE. And smile, for real….

    Good luck, and post us yor picture (or just email me one). Im not weird, I just wonder what you’re gonna do, and want to see it. Have fun and congrats C/O 09′


  8. B. says:

    if your looking for a cute hairstyle to try out these tutorials. they are awesome. ;D


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