How should i wear my makeup for Senior Pictures?

So.. senior pictures are this saturday! I don’t know how i should wear my makeup, i wear black eyeliner, black mascara, eyeshadow, and bareminerals foundation on a daily basis. I have very fair skin, freckles, reddish/brown hair and my eyes are both blue and green (depending on the day, its kinda creepy) here is a pic of me

suggestions are MORE THAN welcome! but my main question, false eyelashes yes or no? and what color blush? and lipstick type thing? (gloss im not sure because my lips are already pretty full) ok yea, just tell me what to do haha

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5 Responses to How should i wear my makeup for Senior Pictures?

  1. Kaleigh S says:

    For your senior pictures, go for a natural look, but one you are comfortable wearing (remember, you will be looking at that photo on your parent’s wall for the rest of your life)

    They usually photoshop your photos a little bit, so don’t worry too much about covering up any blemishes or discolorations – you don’t want to look like you are wearing pancake makeup. You look like you have good skin anyway, so some powder (like what you already wear) should work out perfectly. Put on some blush, and make sure to make it bright (pink or coral blush is a good color for you) …sometimes those lights will make pale skin look flat and white. You can do your eyes in neutrals…a skin colored eyeshadow on your lid, a darker brown in the crease, and a white on the inside corner of your eye and your browbone. Line your eyes in either brown or black eyeliner, and smudge it a bit. Then put on black mascara, but not false eyelashes – they will look too fake. For your lips, a sheer gloss or lipstick would look good, Body Shop has a nice lip colour, called "Sheer Lip Shine" (but it isn’t too shiny, don’t worry). That in Strawberry would look really nice, don’t worry, it goes on a bit lighter than it looks.

    Have fun taking your photos!

  2. Steph says:

    Wear light face makeup. no blush.
    Wear a thin line of liquid eyeliner on the top of your eyelid.
    Use mascara and curl your eyelashes.
    Maybe wear a eyeshadow color thats almost close to your skin color.
    Wear a little bit of lip gloss and dont forget to smile 🙂

    Its always best to go light. especially for senior pictures.

    oh and no fake eyelashes. trust me.

  3. ashley nicole says:

    Wear what you wear on a daily basis.

    If you do something that you aren’t familiar with, it will look obvious. When you wear things that you are comfortable with, it shows.
    I wore my regular makeup, although I did choose to wear makeup to bring out my eyes a little bit more. And my grad pictures looked great (other than my hair haha)

    And your eyes are just one colour. They look different depending on the lighting around you, and on the colours of clothing/makeup that are near your eyes.

  4. BettySays08 says:

    Honestly I dont think that you should wear the fake eyelashes cause you might look like a drag queen. Stick to the eyeliner but dont go overboard and the mascara and a bit of blush. If you want you could add foundation but dont go overboard. Remember that they airbrush the pictures and your skin ends up looking flawless (mine did) With the blush go as light as you can that way you dont look overdone. As for lipstick its a no. Its going to look to strong and bold for senior pics. Go for tinted lipgloss ( Strawberry colored would be the best)
    Good Luck

  5. . says:

    Go with a natural look. Mainly do what you do everyday. Don’t use the fake eyelashes, they can sometimes look REALLY bad =D trust me. For lipgloss I would use Covergirl’s lipslicks lipgloss, it gives sheer color and shine, but you can tell its there. It is also affordable but looks good. I would get that in Starlet, Demure, or Precious but you choose if you don’t like those colors with your fair skin. I would either wear no blush at all or very little pink/peach colored blush. For eyeshadow use what you usually do or do a light smokey eye. Hope I helped! Good Luck. I’m sure you’ll look great no matter what you do! =D

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