How To Photograph Seniors by Steve Mackley

This video takes you from beginning to end of a high school senior photography session. Starting with indoors studio poses and lighting. To a warehouse studio look with it posing and lighting. Then finally outdoors on the streets of a contemporary urban setting with alleys and fire escapes. Follow along with Master Craftsman Photography Steve Mackley and see how it done!

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3 Responses to How To Photograph Seniors by Steve Mackley

  1. whoppers1000 says:

    great session. Did you use the color card when you were outside as well?

  2. JusticeMaRae says:

    Omg! I know where 3:48 Is I think.. lol I believe I was in that building at one point! haha

  3. trainupachild says:

    i wish you would post on photographing senior boys as well for ideas on posing and such 🙂

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