How to take the best senior picture?

What are some tips for taking good high school senior pictures?

My friend who is an experienced photographer is taking them. I have no idea how to do this…what to wear..what to do…how to pose…AHHHH?!

help from people who have had their senior pics taken..

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  1. ari says:

    Find out how you are going to shoot the pics. Indoor/outdoor? Black&white/colour? Natural or artificial lighting? This might help you decide on the what to wear question. Its the photographer’s job to make you look good and they should be good at directing the poses, expressions, etc. Most photographers know little tricks that can help you out so trust your friend.

    What you can do is pick an outfit that looks good but be comfortable too otherwise you can tell in your expression and body language. Try to make your complexion look smooth and shine free if you can. This can be hard to touch up on screen sometimes. Practice! Stand in front of your mirror and smile.Is there a side or angle you like best?
    On the day of your pics take a small touch up bag including your makeup if you wear any, hairspray and a comb to spray it on to to touch up flyaways, blotting papers, etc Basically anything you might wish you had in the event of an oops.

    Lastly, don’t stress! You’re a senior and you are getting your pictures taken- two great things that you should enjoy!

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