HSM 3: Senior Year Dance trailer

READ HERE for more infortmation about the game! Thanks to: www.hsmgerman.blogspot.com In the world of tween entertainment, there are few things bigger than High School Musical. The film series, entering its third installment chronicling the life and times of the East High Wildcats, is one of Disney’s hottest properties. As such, it is bound to get the game treatment every time a new film is released, and that’s how we found ourselves getting our groove on with Troy, Gabriella, and the rest at E3. From what we got to see of the game, it was a sort of Wii version of Dance Dance Revolution, but with more emphasis on the hands than the feet. Using the Wiimote and Nunchuck, you point your controllers at a one of six targets (three per hand) in an attempt to mimic the actions of the on-screen characters. You time you moves by striking your pose just as colored circles radiating out from the center of the screen hit the targets, and like any rhythm game, the main objective is to get your timing absolutely perfect. As you up the difficulty, the circles come faster and more furiously, and when you get up into the upper echelons your dance moves start to come pretty close to the choreography of the actual characters. This will likely come as a big thrill to fans of High School Musical as numbers from each movie are included in the game, so players will find themselves right in the thick of the big moments that define each flick. Replicating the moves and feeling a part of the

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25 Responses to HSM 3: Senior Year Dance trailer

  1. PositiveAshley says:

    OOOO!its looks reli cool!where did you get the download?

  2. pollypunht says:

    I gotta buy this game

  3. iHaribo says:


  4. VanessaAnneEfron4eva says:

    Oh. My. God.

    I am getting a Wii for Christmas. With this game.

  5. mileyfan999 says:

    i sooooo want that

  6. dizzdazz666 says:

    I want this game =D

  7. VHudgensFansChannel says:

    Oh, I really really want this game! =D

  8. xcrazydj says:

    omg i

  9. babyangel345678 says:


  10. misstatic666 says:

    love it! i HAVE to buy this game, it’s amazing!

  11. iluvashleytisdale72 says:

    if i had a wii i would definatly buy this!

  12. jujumcmuffin says:

    i wanna buy! but unfortunately its not out yet… sigh… i hope theres also a ps 2 version!

  13. Pokemaster100 says:

    As far as I know it’s exclusively for the Wii.

  14. untouchedx says:

    i so want it

  15. lilylunapotter says:

    It looks so COOL!!!

  16. hsmboy72 says:

    i got a wii, gettin a ds and have a ps2 im gettin it on ds and wii! definatley!!!!!

  17. johnseanson says:

    OMG this is the biggest rip off of Samba de Amigo, a game that has been out since the Sega Dreamcast’s lifespan. Check out some game videos if you don’t believe me. Wow…

  18. gibl917 says:

    it’s a good thing i got a wii for my 13th birthday! I’m so gonna buy it ^^

  19. alijojo08 says:

    omg i sooooo gotta get that when it comes out i got the singstar on ps2 and hannah montana on wii & they r great

  20. Ashais17 says:

    This is The HSM 1 and HSM 2 dance trailer.

  21. Smartical101 says:

    ommgggg i definitly want this game!!! it looks amazziinggggg!

  22. XxForeverCutiexX says:

    looks wayyyy better than the HM onee.

  23. FriKKuzzo says:

    You ‘ve got to be kidding me…
    This is seriously the worst video game ever! XD

  24. Laur3nnnX101 says:

    it should have a ddr mat

  25. mircy96 says:

    Can somebody help me ?
    I have a problem ….. when i want to play the game I don’t have sound . Please somebody help me I realy want to play this game ! Its cool !!!

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