I am thinking really deeply about joining the Marine Corps. I need help.?

When i heard about all the benefits and things you can gain by joining the military service i started to take this option more serious and I’ve been researching a lot with the purpose of helping me find an answer. Is either "I join" or "I do not".

I have one big reason and that could be the one that will make me take this decision, that reason is the personal life experience, like I will be more mature, disciplined, respectful, and a better person.
Another one is, I can imagine (picture) myself wearing that uniform and experiencing the most proud moment i will ever have in my life, that would be becoming a Marine with the purpose to serve my country and fight for what’s right if it’s necessary.
More reasons, and this ones are probably the ones I have for the last, those are the benefits. I heard the military can help you build your future, I give some examples: College, Medical, ETC…
Not to mention the possibilities of going around the world, and like I said before my first reason and most important one, the one that will keep me going and never would make me say that "I shouldn’t have joined" is the word "Marine" that’s the best way to describe it, no need to explain just imagine.

I want to join for the right reason, I want to be a Marine. I don’t want to tell everybody "Hey, look at me and my pretty uniform" or make myself look like the though one… I just want to go there and give my best, I want to go there and make my Family and Friends proud, and if i have to go to war, no worries because when you join you need to have no fear and be prepare because that’s what pretty much you go for, that was your decision, that’s what the Military is about.

Anyways that was my explanation about my reasons and the things that keep me thinking about taking this HUGE step.

My actual question is:
Does anybody please and I really hope a real Marine, experienced Marines can help me by giving me some really important tips. What i mean is like a "pros" and "cons" about taking this decision. I know is the most dangerous job I can think of and a lot of people that are close to me feel like this is something that i really need to be sure i want to do it. I also know that becoming Marine requires a lot of potential and a lot that I don not know, and that I will find out what it is when I’m there, but whatever it is, I have to be strong (physically & mentally) to get through it.

I am a Sophomore in High School and possible graduating early, i should be a junior, but is a long story… so i want to get over with school already. I have pretty good grades, my GPA is around 4.0 and believe i do not want to become an officer or something like it. Still i think i might do good in the ASVAB test.

I am in good shape, I know getting in shape will not help me in boot camp that much, but at least i am giving it a shot.

13 weeks of hard work and discipline, I’m not afraid, I just need people to tell me their experiences and maybe help me take this decision. Parents are cool with it. All the branches of the military are great, but the Marine Corps are the ones that take more of my attention.

If i was a senior in High School right now (I WILL FOR SURE JOIN THE MARINES NO MATTER WHAT, THERE IS SOMETHING THAT MAKES ME WANT TO JOIN AND I KNOW I WON’T REGRET IT) I’ve researched a lot and I know most of the basic stuff, still I’m not afraid of war neither of having a Drill Sargent screaming on my face. I go because I like it and I see this like a serious and great experience.

I will appreciate your help and let’s see how this goes.

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11 Responses to I am thinking really deeply about joining the Marine Corps. I need help.?

  1. Raymond says:

    Well, I’m no marine but I can tell you that if you have the drive and desire then go for it. I mean you do get the health benefits etc. Plus about the seeing the world, you’re going to be seeing sand, and a lot of it. Remember the marines are the first to go and the last to know. Good luck.

  2. The Chair says:

    It was the best thing I ever did, my only regret??? not staying in I’d be more than halfway to retirement with full benefits a staff NCO,Gunnery Sgt. if I was lucky 1st Sgt or master Sgt by now with my own office and my own troops and I’d still be young enough to do whatever I wanted.

  3. martin-MP says:

    I encourage you to join, but I just want to say make damn sure you are in amazing physical condition before joining. It will help you a ton. A lot more people get injured in marine training than any other branch. I’ve heard that they just really don’t give a shit if you hurt yourself. A lot of people blow out their knees because they have to run with 90 lb rucksacks. That’s what I hear anyways, I’m in the army and our basic is pretty damn easy, to be honest. I guess I haven’t really been any help, I just felt like talking. Good luck anyway.

  4. Brittney says:

    I’m not a marine but i live with one and on a base.
    go for it. if all the things you say about joining is true then you will love it. and if you don’t after your 3 or 4 years you can get out. the medical benefits are good and you will get a steady paycheck twice a month(these numbers will be divided into two checks so check the military pay chart at http://www.navycs.com/2010-military-pay-chart.html#enlisted-paycharts)

    i don’t know about many cons except maybe getting deployed or getting stationed away from your family.

    just do lots of research.

  5. The Green Verde says:

    Basic in any branch is easy, just the Marines have the hardest one thats all. It’s called Basic training for a reason. All you gotta do is PT and wake up early everyday. Getting yelled at becomes no big deal after a while and soon after that PT won’t affect you much either, plus you start understanding everything.

    Boot camp sucks. Its far from impossible and you only have to do it once. Going in good physical shape will help you out but nothing can train you for the mental confusion and exhaustion of military training. It’s meant to break you down. You get that in all branches. They train you for a specific mission (Marines and Army tend to be more towards physical, while Air Force and Navy tend to be more mental, attention to detail crazy and stuff like that).

    Expect to learn loads of information all at once then be tested upon it right away. They know you cant remember it all but trust me it will be drilled into your head.

    Basic is not a problem don’t sweat it good luck.

  6. Kramer says:

    just remember one thing, you are a weapon of death and a tool of war, trained to kill people and thats what you will do, dont get me wrong im no hippy trying to get u not to join, i am a hopeful future Marine myself

  7. Bill W says:

    It’s not just 13 weeks of discipline and hard work. That’s just the beginning. But it sounds like your motives are the right ones. Marines are warriors first. Best of luck to you, future Marine!

  8. Alex H says:

    Not gonna lie, you sound like officer material to me. You’re clearly much more intelligent that the average kid your age, and you aren’t doing it for stupid reasons. I understand that you’re impatient and you want to finish school, but trust me talk with a recruiter before forming your plan that is going to shape the rest of your life. He or she can’t even sign you up for the DEP until you’re at least 17 years of age with parental consent. But you can still go to them for guidance on your way to becoming a Marine. They will let your know what the requirements are to enlist or be commissioned. I’m dead serious though, ask about becoming an officer.

    You claim to be fearless but you’ve never been shot at and you’ve never had a DI up in your face. Research can’t prepare you for anything really, that you’re going to have to let go of. When you arrive on those yellow footprints all the preconceived notions you’ve had about boot camp will be wrong. I’d definitely check out "Making the Corps", Thomas Ricks I think is the author. Take it for what’s it’s worth, but that was boot camp 10 years ago, it evolves with every new platoon.

  9. DevilDog1023 says:

    Oh man.
    I remember being in your shoes. Hell, I’m pretty new at the game myself.
    But, I just picked up PFC today. I’m on PTAD (temporary recruiter’s aid) duty.

    I can honestly say that I have no regrets. I’m in the best shape of my life, I’m more confident than I’ve ever been. And the Corps treats you like one of the family once you have your Eagle, Globe & Anchor.

    Because that’s what it is: a family.

  10. Rich P says:

    If you are as smart as you claim apply for the USNA or a ROTC program in college…f*** enlisting,get your 0-1,you will regret going in as an E-1/E-2 when you could be an officer

  11. Tom says:

    The Marine Corps was the best choice I ever made! Boot Camp was not hard, but I can always look back on the fact that I did it!

    A great site with some insight I found about Marine Corps Boot Camp is:


    That site has some good read. You take care!

    Semper Fi!

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