i dont know what to wear 4 picture day?

I am a girl with red ish brownish hair i like fun colors but kinda dark im not skinny kinda avrage and i have bangs straight down my whole 4head and if any ideas for my hair thx plz what do i wear style clothes type help im a senior
we are nto wearign cap and gown its free wear :wear what you want

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  1. clueless22 says:

    For your picture, especially as a senior (not that I really know, I’m only a junior), you’re going to want something that looks timeless. I always go for a plain shirt, a v-neck, or whatever type of shirt you like. The color depends on what color eyes you have, I have blue eyes, so I tend to wear blue shirts in my pictures to bring them out. Also, for your hair, I’d put a bit of shine serum in it (the camera always does funky things to your hair), and blow dry/flat iron it in a way that frames your face.

  2. Missy says:

    post a pic of what u look like 🙂

  3. Kalvin says:

    okay when ever i take a school pic i always dress as if it were a normal day so when i look back i can see what i dressed like on a day to day basis.

  4. Jackie M says:

    When you’re a senior everyone wears the same thing for their picture… ?

  5. Brandon says:


  6. screaming on the inside. says:

    A nice purple top, and jeans. Pin your bangs back and straighten the rest of your hair.

  7. Vanessa says:

    purple mini dressish type of top (not too long, can be watever color u want) black leggings. black boots (soft kind, but not really fuzzy nd furry, no heels, flat). any type of necklace u want as long as it matches. white or black or watever color u want (as long as it matches) headband (push bangs back with headband, if u dnt get wat im talking about, go ahead with bangs) hair down. BTW for the top sleeves should be elbow length, ur pick! leggings are the long type not knee length. boots shouldnt be above the knee. a pair of earrings of ur choice (as long as it matches!) heres where u can find these items!

    top: forever 21 or h&m
    leggings: forever 21(i buy mine here all the time!)
    boots:nine west, macys, h&m
    head band or any other accesories: wet seal, h&m, forever 21, for love

    PS if u dnt want black leggings, they also come in gray!
    btw this outfit just popped into my head! choose for best answer! 🙂

    PPS straighten hair! 🙂

  8. R/NDOM BOY says:

    Just think what you would normally wear if you were haveing a generally good looking day!

  9. Mrs.Lautner says:

    I say leave yr bangs alone but mybe get them so they sway to the side a bit at the bottoms. Also pull the hair on either side of your face back, but in a gentle soft kinda way. Wear the normal amount of makeup that you normally do but maybe put a bit more emphsise on yr best feature, like lips or eyes. Don’t wear anything too fussy. Go with something you’d normally wear, remember this is your senior picture, it’s how eveyone will remember you. So smile naturally and don’t try to look perfect.

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