I'm getting senior pictures done soon?

And I have no idea what to wear/use/poses etc…
I know in the outdoors I want pretty trees, the sky, and train tracks.
And inside pictures I’m not sure, I kind of want to get together all the Harry Potter books, and have me reading one. I don’t know what else to use for props. I’m not in any sports, clubs, anything.
I also don’t know what to wear. My wardrobe sucks.. I have mainly band shirts from two years ago because my mom never takes me shopping.. I bought a few nice shirts recently though that I might wear.

Anyone have any tips/ideas?

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  1. Joe M. says:

    Hello! Having photographed a few senior portraits myself, there are two approaches–the first is the traditional (cap and gown/formal) and the "not-so-traditional." You can also have these professional taken; if you have a tripod and self-time on your camera, do them yourself; or enlist the help of a photographer friend/assistant. I’ll try to keep the explanations simple and not-so-loong. Let’s start with the first–the tradtional cap and gown and formal portraits.

    If you already have your cap-and-gown (and tassel) you take your portrait wearing it. The pose can be sitting or standing. You face the lens with your toes and body at a 45 degree angle (either to the left or right) but with your head turned directly toward the lens. In other words, 3/4 of your upper body from the neck down would be showing. With this pose, a plain simple background (for indoors) works well. If shot outdoors a simple background of foliage or trees works. If your cap and gown are dark, you might want to choose a light background (and vice versa).

    With formal portraits… Males usually wear a tux and bow tie and use the same pose. Females have more choices. Females can wear a black strapless dress/top (usually black or sometimes the school colors. Females can also wear a feather boa (which can also be the school colors or a complementary color). Professional photographers often use a black "wrap" or some other cloth/fabric prop that wraps around the shoulders so only the girl’s neck or shoulders are showing.

    Now–for the "infromal/untraditional" portraits… These can be fun (because they are untraditional). With the untraditionnal portait, the goal is to show "graduation" but to also convey the personality/say something about the graduate.

    Example–you mentioned Harry Potter. You can have yourself photographed sitting in the library reading one of the J.K. Rowling books–with stacks of books in the background and/or with the other books of the series piled around you. Keeping with the Harry Potter Theme–if you’re into cosplay and have Harry Potter sytle glasses and your own Nimbus 2000 or Firebolt, you can photograph yourself wearing/holding those props.

    Another variation (keeping with the cap-and-gown props) would be to have yourself photographed with you cap and gown outdoors, on the grass, jumping up with your feet of the ground and tossinng your cap into the air–sheepskinn (diploma) in hand with an expression that says "I didi it!" The posibilities are endless.

    Before I forget–whatever pose you use, you can use either natural (ambient) or flash. If you use flash, make sure that the flash doesn’t overpower the portrait (make it too "hot"). A flash that has a head that can be pointed in different directions or "bounced" of a white card–to soften the light–would be very handy.

    Again–the untraditional senior portrait is what you make of it. Show some personality–like fun, rebeliousness, craziness (if that’s your personality). Wear the cap and gown or one or the other. Experiment and then review the resulting images. Upon reviewing the results, if you or other smile, laugh or say "that’s me/you" then you’ve hit the target.

    Hope this helps! Good luck and happy shooting!

  2. Katy Themm says:

    Are you having a professional photographer take them, or an amateur? If it a professional one, who has done many senior photo shoots, they should be able to help you with that, and they’ll know what to do. Talk to them about your ideas and see what they think.

    As for clothes, you’ll probably do a couple of outfits, so bring one that’s nicer, and bring something you would wear any day, as long as it’s appropriate.

    As long as you have a good photographer, it shouldn’t be a problem.

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