Is this dress appropriate for a wedding? PICTURES

My boyfriend’s cousin is getting married tomorrow. I thought it was at 5 o’clock at a country club- so I went out today and bought the CUTEST black cocktail dress and cute heels. I even made my own bracelet and earrings to match! And I bought a cute cocktail ring to tie it all together (it’s a little grandma-ish, but I thought I could pull it off with the right attitude). *SEE EXHIBIT A*

THEN my boyfriend called his cousin (a girl), to see how she was doing, and double checking the times, etc. She said that actually the ceremony is at 3:30pm on a beach, and the reception is at 5pm at the country club. And she told my bf to tell me to wear a "sundress".
SO, frantically, I try to think of a more casual dress to wear. I just got back from Hawaii on Wednesday, and I bought a really cute dress there- but it is mostly white. *SEE EXHIBIT B*. I have cute shoes to match it- but is it too white? The last thing I want to do tomorrow is upset anyone in my bf’s family- especially his cousin.

And if neither of these dresses are appropriate, I do have one more-
It is brown and white patterned, kimono style, I have cute brown heels I can wear with it. It is basically my go-to dress. I wear it a lot, but my bf’s fam hasn’t seen it, so it should be okay. *SEE EXHIBIT C*

P.S. Exhibit C was my senior year of college (about 7 months ago)! I’m not an alchy!!

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C

I REALLY wish I could wear the first one, since I bought it all today, but I don’t want to stand out because I am too formal… but then again it is better to overdress than underdress…BUT she also told me to wear a "sun dress"

What are your thoughts??

I don’t feel like putting the dress back on right now! I’ve already tried all the dresses on 10x tonight! BUT The dress looks VERY similar to this one:

Only it has the metal belt thing in the front- but same V-neck, and same length.
Love- I like the way you think!
I am leaning more toward A because I think it is SUPER cute, and I love the shoes! The ceremony will probably be short (1.5 hrs at the most, since the reception is at 5pm), and I’m just going to be sitting down the whole time, so I think the black one will be okay. I think it will be the best option for the reception.

-Do guests really change for the beach and the reception? I can understand the bride doing it, but wouldn’t I look silly doing a wardrobe change!??
Also- here is the ring I bought to go with the black dress- love it or lose it? The detail on the dress is the same green color, gold and diamonds.

I feel like I can pull it off with the whole outfit. OR do you think it is just awful?
ALSO- I don’t think it will be too "serious" of an event- this is her second wedding, she has two kids with her ex, and is 9months pregnant with her fiance- so I think if I go with the black, it won’t be THAT big of a deal if it isn’t 100% appropriate. I’d rather be overdressed.

ahhhhh… but then again she did say SUN DRESS!

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25 Responses to Is this dress appropriate for a wedding? PICTURES

  1. Trish D says:

    B is perfect. A is nice, but not for a beach affair. Stay away from c. It’s a little short. Have fun!

  2. themark28 says:

    Can you put on A and post it..It looks the hottest even though you’re cute in C..don’t like B unless you’re going to an all outdoor event.


  3. Leann says:

    B and C are both cute i think B would be better b/c C looks a little more causal and too short.

  4. Pixie says:

    I think dress "B" is very nice for a beach wedding. You can wear a pretty flower on your hair as well, with minimal accessories. If you really want to get a chance to wear your black dress, then wear that to the reception. Dress "C" is not to "appropriate" for either occasion I think.

  5. sk8ter girl says:


  6. YouWish25 says:

    Go with the black dress. You should really dress more for the reception than the ceremony, especially if it follows directly after.

    A black dress is fine and the one you show looks very nice. I like the beading. Plus, you should dress for the more formal part of the wedding. Here, that’s the reception. It’s at a country club and Exhibit A is perfect for that. If you wear the sundress, you’ll be fine for the ceremony, but terribly out of place for the reception.

    Dress #2 is too casual, even for a beach ceremony
    Dress #3 looks too casual also.

    Edit: Also, consider wearing a color shawl to down play the black during the ceremony. Pick a brighter color like pink.

  7. piglettsmom says:

    I like the black one but it really doesn’t go with the beach. So, wear the white one to the ceremony and change into the black one before you go to the reception. That way you look appropriate for the beach, but you also get to wear the new one. Just a thought.. Good luck!

  8. first baby girl says:

    i like A the most

  9. I luv Simba :) says:

    Go with C to the ceremony, then change to A for the reception.

  10. nena rosa says:

    i vote exhibit C because with A you wont fit in (beach) and B looks too casual. plus C is short enough for being on the beach and nice enough for the country club

  11. Love says:

    B is fine. Although A is a hot dress with cute shoes and accessories. you did a great job with the accessories. I think you should keep A b/c you never know when you will need it. every woman should always have a black dress.

  12. Brandy P says:

    wear b to the wedding with lots of sunscreen and a to the reception since they r at different places u should b ok. and burn c!

  13. 08/31/08 Bride to be says:

    Go for the black dress. The Ceremony is 1 hour and the reception is all night. Dress for the dancing. It would look odd that if at the end of the night you looked like your were at some pool party.

  14. 2009bride says:

    I would say go with B. It seems like it would fit a beach wedding better that the other two. But keep the black dress, you never know when you are going to need it.

  15. iloveweddings says:

    You know what? The ceremony is most likely going to be short….the bride probably won’t notice what anyone has on….and you will, I am assuming, be going right to the reception (country club) from the wedding.

    So….I would go with A!! You are right….better to be overdressed than under dressed, and the black dress is perfect for anything! Forget the sundress and dress #C (although cute), I would go with A!

    Have fun!

  16. miss R says:

    if the ceremony is at 3:30 that means there will be a one hour gap for the reception….bring a change of clothes!

    Just wear A and just "lighten it up" – wear different accessories and change the shoes to silver….

  17. Sin Respuesta says:

    -i don like the ring…

  18. MomNani says:

    I think B is the one. …the sun dress that she said.
    now, just wear it and have FUN!!!

  19. Womens Health Answer Fariy says:

    lm not reading all that

  20. ♥alieecat. says:

    I would go with A.
    For the beach, you could wear a pair of sandals and have your hair down and wavy with a pretty flower in your hair and no other accessories. Also wear sheerish lipgloss and your shades!
    Then for the party, wear the dress with the heels and everything else and just swift your hair up into a messy bun! Hardly any effort! Then wear red lipstick if it suits you!
    that way you’re appropriate for both 🙂

    Ps where on earth did you get that ring?!
    was it expensive?!
    I LOVE it!

  21. theMrs. says:

    I like A. I think its better to be a little overdressed than not dressed up enough. I mean, why not?!! It IS a wedding, after all! B is cute, but definitely casual. As is C. Roll with A, phat grandma ring and all! 😉

  22. Luv2Answer says:

    I would wear #1 and then maybe not wear black shoes with it.

  23. star says:

    ok i have the same problem but i fixed it, my friend is also getting married tomorrow at 2 and reception at 5, my little black dress is to little for church so im wearing something else and then the dress for the reception because i am embarest to wear the small dress because i feel ill be the only one with a tight short dress but then again im sure that out of the 200 guest there will be a girl who stands out more and im sure that in your boys cusin wed, there will be allot of girls that would want to look good, and im sure that your man will feel proud to have such beatiful girl friend

    if you want you can take dress c too the wed ceremony that way you can see what every one else is wearing or to see if you will feel ok to chaqnge into dress a at the reception HAVE A GOOD TIME AT THE PARTY!!

  24. Helicreature says:

    How tricky!! That’s a real ‘ask’ a dress for a beach wedding which will also serve for a country club. The black dress is so gorgeous that you’ll probably look like Audrey Hepburn in it and she could wear anything anywhere!…so my vote is for A.

  25. Lydia says:

    The second dress is the most appropriate.
    Save the black one for a different occasion.

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