lkshortay13 – Senior Freeze

!!!SUBSCRIBE!!! Millard West Seniors Pose

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10 Responses to lkshortay13 – Senior Freeze

  1. emelmo08 says:

    yesss 🙂

  2. EffingXRawr says:

    That is an AWESOME idea for a prank!!

  3. sweetandsourgal3 says:

    i could never do this prank i cand stand still doing nothing for 1 minute i’d have to move to scratch something and if i didn’t it’d bug me so much

  4. CrAzZyCrAcKhEaD says:

    i think they had to stop early cuz the guys doing the handstand were getting nautios….lol

  5. darthvater13 says:

    That seemed Kind of Lame.
    So 8 out of 10 for the effort.- Fox

  6. Raudecolt says:

    They are saying Hoorah at the end, is there a JROTC program here?

  7. 09falcon says:

    we are gonna try and get our whole senior class to do this at my school

  8. Crystalbaybayy says:

    I love it, haha, FREEZEEEE. our scholl we couldnt even attempt this our teachers are so b!tchas$

  9. DaVoltaire says:

    I’d start honkin on some titties. Or pickin some pockets.

  10. auzz2 says:

    Lammmmeeee. Come on Millard West you can do better than that. ’04 FTW!!!

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