Makeup for Senior Pictures?!?

I’m getting my Senior Pictures done next Monday. I really want this to be THE best picture of me EVER. I have Strawberry Blonde hair, Blue eyes, & fair skin. I *LOVE* to wear black eyeliner so that is a MUST. But yeah, I just really want to know what you all think I should do about my makeup!

-Also, I have VERY dry skin so that’s a real bad problem. And I have some pimples so what do you suggest I do about them?

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  1. yolanda z says:

    to get rid of your zits i suggest using a mixture of 2 parts baking soda and 1 part water. this will dry out your skin, so mabey just use it every other day. or you could put toothe paste on the them. but again, this will dry out your skin. foundation sometimes will settle in if you have dry skin, so dont wear it. just use concealer on the spots you must. use a gold eyeshadow and black mascera. use a thin black eyeliner pencil on just your top lid. use a bronzer on you cheeks and top it all off with a very like and shiny coral pink lip gloss! i hope the pics turn out great!

  2. Jess ╗╙ says:

    Well I’d use some cover up. Don’t worry about blemishes and pimples. Most photography companies are great about covering them up. You wont see a thing. Good luck with the pictures.

  3. TN2Vegas says:

    try using a tinted moisturizer, I just bought some from Merle Norman and I love it, use some good cover stick for blemishes, just a little blush to accent your cheeks, don’t over do your eyes…with them being have enough color right there. You can also check with the malls for a free makeover,maybe Dillard?
    I’m sure you will be beautiful with whatever you do and congratulations on graduating!! That is soooo exciting!!
    Best Wishes!

  4. ily<3<3<3 says:

    I suggest light dark blue eye shadow on the lids and and right above your eyelids a light shade of light blue…a tiny bit of tanish pinkish blush… Revlon mascara… and for your lips…..a nice light summery pink!!!!! Trust me I am a fashion expert!!

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