MAKEUP HELP PLEASE! 2 questions??

im a senior and i dont wear a lot of makeup. i do wear eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara from tiem to time but its not that offten.
i am getting my senior pictures (for the yearbook) done this thursday and my mom would like me to wear some makeup.
so i was thinking foundation and cover up. but i dont want to be one of those cakeface girls (girls that have at least 3 layers of it on).
so im kind of stuck.
1. what kind of makeup should i use? (like foundations, cover up, ect..)
2. im not exactly sure what shade i am.. can you give me a ballpark range??
ok try this picture

and if that doesnt work-
here is another pic of me with no sunglasses

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10 Responses to MAKEUP HELP PLEASE! 2 questions??

  1. Chanel says:

    only use THE BEST like covergirl revlon sephora ulta and a bit of maybelline.For your shade,green eyeshadow,light pink blush,cotton candy pink lipstick and mascara.I hope this helps

  2. Ukiah says:

    You are pretty hot.

  3. summer :D says:

    It may be a good idea to just go to a department store like Macys or Nordstroms to have them do it for you to see how you want it…i like channel, bare escentuals, and lacome. hope it helps! And good luck with your pictures!

  4. cheeky says:

    i cant help u wit the shade one but i use covergirl powder foundation and sometimes bare essentials and it looks really natural then use a little bit of blush and maybe a little bit of bronzer then covergirl mascara and eyeliner and maybe a little lipstick of lip gloss or something and you should look good

  5. dhfgdksg says:

    u should try maybelline matte mousse, ur probably something in a beige.

    btw- i love ur nails, mine r like that:]

  6. Magicxz says:

    Beauty iz skin deep….

  7. pologurly9 says:

    I’m the same way, I rarely wear make up. When I do use foundation, I use neutrogina, it has skin clearing agents as well if you have acne problems, and it doesnt make you look all cake face! To find your color, take some from the container and rub it on the underside of your arm. some places also have these see through things that you can hold up to your skin…

  8. the one you've always wanted says:

    if your eyes are dark wear purples if they are light wear topes on your eyes for eye shadow and make sure your eyebrows are plucked after all the eyebrows are the windows to the soul!

  9. mpaellen says:

    why does your mom want you to wear makeup, you don’t have anything to hide or cover up. for picture i would stick with mascara, and maybe some cheek color, you can use a powder to make your skin perfectly even-toned if you want. i would recommend going to a department store/sephora/ulta as well, they can help you a lot especially if you are specific about your makeup wants and needs.

  10. WhitneyBr00tal says:

    you dont need foundation cause your skin is pretty clear
    you should use maybelline

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