McCain Corrupt AZ Senior Citizens Ignored – Murdered Part 03

In this segment, Ginee Karr tries at least three times to get it clearly across to the City Attorney, Mr. Stephen Kemp who should not even be present when Citizens are reporting to law enforcement that they have witnesses police officers commit assault. Mr. Kemp poses a bias interest in playing both prosecutor for the city and then also defense for the city. It is like the fox guarding the hen house and a six year old could identify something so blatant. The woman has spelled it all out to John McCain in letters to him, and, McCain has forwarded those letters to the Mayor, the elected official of the City who was at the time, John Keegan, not to the City Attorney. A Mayor or a Council person is a citizens voice or the public voice in the City, NOT THE CITY ATTORNEY, that poses a direct conflict of interest, of course no one does anything when even the so called internal affairs officer sits there and says (in the preceeding parts) that Mr. Kemp is who we answer to, duhh, that sort of says it all in Arizona as far as democracy goes huh? Well McCain may appear to be innocent in all of it but is he??? Not hardly, Mccain is as aware of Federal Rights issues grossly violated but he looks to hand it down to his good old boy buddy John Keegan, who of course expects no one will notice once the woman is either dead or he gets a seat in Congress as McCain tried to push him into, but, it didn’t work so Keegan ran for justice of the peace, oops, then he went and did a few things that

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