My boyfriend and I are getting pictures done?

What should we wear? They are going to be part of my senior pictures.
I’m at a total lose of what to wear, which is rare for me.

It’s going to be outside in the evening. with the heat, so something versatile i think would be nice.
We don’t want to match perfectly just coordinate.
and our style is kinda indie and quirky if that helps

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4 Responses to My boyfriend and I are getting pictures done?

  1. Yahoo Is a Bastard says:

    You wear a short(er) black dress and he can wear a polo that SOMEWHAT matches you.

  2. Kate says:

    Jeans, and then two shirts that go together, but i dont know what you have in your closet which makes this hard

  3. bern & jerrys. says:

    A gypsy skirt, plain tank top and crop cardigan with sandals.

  4. sladebird says:

    It all depends on how you’d like to be remembered, One timeless look is to duct tape about two pounds of whole, uncooked carrots to your hair, and then put traffic cones on your breasts. To compliment this look, have your boyfriend wear over-sized sunglasses and a sombrero. Before the shoot he should cover a scorpion in lighter fluid, and then light it on fire just before the photo is snapped, and then place in his mouth or nose.

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