My senior pictures are coming up Wednesday, HELP!?

I know this is pathetic but I’m seriously freaking out now!!!! I’m the school "artistic loner tomboy" I don’t know how to do this stuff!

As for hair, I have shoulder length, wavy, jet black hair with side bangs… I was thinking about leaving the bangs and a strip of long hair down on each side and putting the rest up in a clippy thing so it’s visible from the side and on top of my head… kind of like a high pony tail? does that sound okay? OH it’s kind of like the hairstyle my avatar has right now, only with a higher pony tail!

And the usual question, what do I wear?! I was thinking, for the casual shoot, my favorite jeans, and either a plain black T, a crazy pattern kimono top, or my white shirt with a blue cover up thing attached (idk what it is but it looks cool and it’s the classier of the three, and newer xD)
Or I could wear some khaki capris, a white top and a sleeveless khaki jacket thing with lace on the side

And if those aren’t good ideas, what else? I’m sorry this is probably incoherent but it’s 3am and the whole "you’re a senior, this is what people will remember you by!" thing just hit me like a ton of bricks and I had no idea I could type this fast. so please HELP!!!

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2 Responses to My senior pictures are coming up Wednesday, HELP!?

  1. josh h says:

    well it really depends on what u wanna wear… i say comfortable yet casual lol

  2. beethovenfan2005 says:

    you should wear something that is representational of your personality and your goals and dreams. don’t try to dress up like you are 15 or 30.

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