New haircut, senior pictures coming up, I need help with HAIR & MAKEUP?

Haha, sorry for the hectic title.
Ok, my problem: I just got a new hair cut, and although it looked good in the salon, now I just can’t STAND it.
My hair is naturally very thick and wavy, so when I don’t straighten it, it’s very…BIG. XD
Plus I got bangs, which look pretty good, so yeah.

Here’s a picture of me with SLIGHTLY straightened hair (and no makeup, ew):
(that smile is SO fake)

And here’s one of my hair before the cut, all natural:

Just so you can get an idea of my shorter hair with bangs, naturally.

Ok, so, WHAT do I do with it?
Senior pictures are on the 22nd.
Any suggestions on how to style it (hair up is an ABSOLUTE NO) and what MAKEUP DO YOU RECOMMEND?

Yes, I need help with makeup too. I usually wear a bit of black eyeliner and mascara, but you know, I’m paying for these things. n__n

And not too much makeup, please. I really wanna keep it light and fresh. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

And please no NEGATIVE comments. I know I’m horrid looking…KEEP IT TO YOURSELVES, people.
Heres another:
My bangs are more side swept, though.

I realize I already posted this question but I still NEED HELP.
Wow my question makes me look so stressed out! XD

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One Response to New haircut, senior pictures coming up, I need help with HAIR & MAKEUP?

  1. Anonymous says:

    i would get it cut all th way up to your chin.try a cute bob, like victoria beckhams. and i would also try straightening it ALOT. here is a picture if you need one.

    i hope this helps.

    and good luck!

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