Outfits for senior pictures?

i am getting my senior pictures done soon and im not sure what to wear. im gonna go shopping and get new stuff but im not sure what. my style is pretty laid back and casual. im a jeans and a tee shirt kinda girl but i wanted to show a different side of my personality. any ideas? also i am getting them done at a park in april and i live in columbus ohio so it will probably be in the 50s. thanks :))
50s as in 50 degrees outside

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3 Responses to Outfits for senior pictures?

  1. *Blownaway says:

    Keep it casual. I wore capri jeans with a cute tank top.

  2. 1kelseybabii1 says:

    wahh yuhh meann 50zz?? i thinkk yuhh shouldd juss wearr somethingg likee diss


    buhh if nott datt denn likee a cutee littlee dress nd some leggings nd heels(:

    heels likee diss(: http://www.clothesfortallwomen.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/nextshoe1.jpg
    buhh in black(:

  3. Sarah says:

    wear something cute and plain

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