Portrait Photography For Everyone by Monte Zucker

Monte Zucker teaches simple lighting patterns to make quality predictable portraits using one lighting pattern, two poses and three camera positions. He demonstrates this with both studio and window light.

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4 Responses to Portrait Photography For Everyone by Monte Zucker

  1. getthepicturetv1 says:

    The Great Monte! I took his workshop 4 times each time I learned something new. I saw him in seminars about 7 times starting in 1976 at the Playboy club in Sparta N.J. for the PPNJ

  2. vsolomito says:

    very niely done. thank you

  3. healthpimp says:

    WEll DONE!

  4. lamyeechiu says:

    great video. Mr Zucker talked about the lighting ratio of main light, hair light and background light. how about the light that is 45 degree behind?

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