Portrait Photography : How to Dress for a Portrait Sitting

When dressing for a portrait sitting, consider wearing very toned down colors to help the face stand out more, and have groups dress in similar hues to avoid drawing the eye away from the faces. Dress appropriately for a portrait sitting with information from a certified professional photographer in this free video on photography. Expert: Bob Coates Contact: www.bcphotography.com Bio: Bob Coates of Bob Coates Photography has been a professional photographer for 13 years in both Arizona and the Virgin Islands. Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler

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3 Responses to Portrait Photography : How to Dress for a Portrait Sitting

  1. flashmxfreak says:

    Great thanks

  2. livebythelens says:

    Thanks for the tips

  3. mattblack77nz says:

    These are very professional portraits, but they’re also really boring. The whole family in matching blue jeans/black tops just looks silly.

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