Portrait Photography : Posing for Family Portraits

Posing for family portraits requires a basic understand of good composition, as all of the people in the group should create a fluid pattern across the photograph to keep the viewer’s eye moving. Pose a family for a group portrait with information from a certified professional photographer in this free video on photography. Expert: Bob Coates Contact: www.bcphotography.com Bio: Bob Coates of Bob Coates Photography has been a professional photographer for 13 years in both Arizona and the Virgin Islands. Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler

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12 Responses to Portrait Photography : Posing for Family Portraits

  1. romancatholicgirl14 says:

    nice video thanks alot

  2. lsracloe says:

    Awesome Presentation………

  3. cameraman40 says:

    Do you recommend any equipment for a young portrait photographer? Please reply sir.


    Just curious, how did you make out ?

  5. alejandrocanela says:

    Thanks !

  6. spacefoodstix says:

    Thanks for the valuable advice.

  7. snappuppy says:

    Excellent, these are fundamental rules for portrait work

  8. gospasinger1 says:

    Nice work. Excellent lighting as well as composition.Thanks

  9. tiggstah says:

    @cameraman40 canon. 😉

  10. farzinphotography says:

    very informative!

  11. jjc355 says:

    Informative, straight forward video. Great Job!

  12. shibbyshaw says:

    Thank you! It is nice that you share your valuable experience with us!

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