questions about makeup for senior pictures?

i’m getting my senior pictures done, and i’d like for my face to look the best it can. my photographer has requested that i wear at least a little make up (especially mascara and eyeliner) but i have a couple questions. i normally don’t wear a lot of makeup, but this year i’d really like to revolutionize my style. for refrence, i have a slightly tanned complexion, dark brown hair, and green eyes.

1. does brown mascara look that drastically different than black mascara? which colour do you reccommend using?

2. as far as eyeliner goes, i never wear the stuff! so i’m kind of clueless when it comes to this. i’d like to get something that will make my eyes pop, but still look really natural. i’d like to try a brown, because i’m really not too into the whole raccoon look that so many girls seem to favour.

3. blush! how do you figure out what shade to use (once again, i never wear it, but i’d love to start) without it ending up looking trashy?

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  1. crazyashleycat says:

    Try to get a dark brown if you are not wanting to go for black..but black really is not that dramatic, it is all about how much you put on. Liquid eyeliner had a really nice effect, but it takes some skill to put on for the first time. I would go for the lightest blush you could find because too much blush does look pretty bad. Apply a few strokes to your cheekbones and it should be just enough.

  2. michelle says:

    i think black mascara is the best,,dont think anyone wears brown. black eyeliner,,,,,a little beige powder on face fisrt off,,,a tanish blush,,,clear lip gloss…..good luck you dont need to over do it.

  3. candiblair83 says:

    I love bare esscentuals makeup and it is very easy to put on with out looking trashy…Don’t know what your budget is, but I would suggest going to your favorite makeup counter and let them know what you like and don’t like and let them help you. When I did my senior pics I let my makeup be professionally done…stress free and looked fantastic…even though I had more on than normall, it looked very natural in my pics! Not sure where you live, but some cities have bare esscentual stores…you could purchase and have it done for your pics. I have tan skin but brown eyes and almost black hair. I wear brown eyeliner and black masacara…I wear bobby brown gel liner…i Love it!

    Good Luck!

  4. Redsoxgurl says:

    I think you should put a reasonalbe amount of make up or if you only put light make up you should put a little bit more. cuz at my senior picture i didn’t put a lot and the make up didn’t really show up. I didnt put red lip stick cuz i thought it would look drastic, then i put a light pink and my lips looked kinda bad. i think you should black. i think you should put a little bit of liner show your eyes look more defined. i think brown is fine. since you have a tan complexion you a kinda dark redish but not to red and apply under the cheek bone so you cheek bone looks higher. When the photographers say that the usually amount of make up is fine for the photo can be wrong sometimes it usually depends. GL

  5. trickygirlb says:

    I would suggest going to a department store make-up counter and tell them you are going for a natural look for your senior pics, nothing too drastic but something that will make your best features stand out, and ask them to do a makeover for you. They use to do it for free because they are trying to sell product. If you like the look you might buy something for their efforts.

  6. b says:

    The make-up counters at better department stores offer free make overs as a way of promoting their products. Give some a call to see if they offer this service. Also if you know anyone who sells Mary Kay products, they like to give makeup tips and samples too.

  7. MaeMae says:

    A dark brown would be fine for your eyeliner and mascara.Revlon has a chart for eyeshadow that will make your eyes " pop ". You might want to use a blush that will just add a little shimmer to your cheeks.

  8. jr90292 says:

    wear black mascara, not brown, only on top lashes

    dont wear eyeliner, instead use a medium and dark brown eyeshadow and line eyes with the darker brown, BLEND lower lashes

    pink blush, use a light hand

  9. imapo0po0head says:

    1. Brown isnt as dramatic as Black, go medium-dark brown to compliment your green eyes.
    2. DEFINITELY use dark brown eyeliner, its not as harsh, to apply you press the outer corner of your eye until your eyelid is taut then draw a thin line along the lashline, be sure not to leave an empty space between your eyelashes and your lids.
    3. For blush you can use a dark pink or medium brown blush.

  10. lemanie says:

    1-brown mascara tends to look better on people with a fair skin tone such as blondes otherwise i recomend black
    2-i personally love liquid liner because it defines the shape of the eye alot more but pencil draws more attension to them on the face
    -use the same colour eyeliner as your mascara
    3-ditch blush go for bronzer
    -get a more pinky bronzer for fair skin and a browner one for darker skin tones

    ps. in some pharmaceutical and department stores they have makeup artists to do makeovers and teach people about makeup and how to use different products

  11. nani says:

    ok try and use a brown mascara, and before you apply the mascara curl your lashes, it will give you that extra vavoom. Eyeliner should be optional if you want to use brown use a dark brown and just try and have a steady hand(have Q-tips handy to fix any mistakes), for blush i would say a nice bronze color.

  12. mindy says:

    Okay Ill start with eye shadow first.

    Green eyes- Purple will make your green brighter and really let them show!
    Brown eyes- To make brown eyes brighter use blues to let them show!
    Blue eyes- Use browns and dark browns to pop these out!
    For all eye colors Natural looks great on all of them! Browns, earth toned colors work wonders!


    If you are a red head or blonde- Brown and black brown looks best.
    If you are a brunett or have very dark colored hair- Black is the best color!


    It should match your mascara, but i doubt you need it.

    As for the blush get a brownish color, then you can brush it lightly a bit everywhere.

  13. Kristen F says:

    Ok sweetheart just check out the tip and trends section at and there is a virtual makeover section you can even ask for samples

  14. Cassiopeia says:

    Okay, here we go…

    1). Brown mascara is just what it sounds like, brown. It’s lighter than black. If you want to really revolutionize your look, brown might not do it for you; especially if you have dark skin. I would go with black. It’s the natural lash color for most people anyway.

    2). Eyeliner is really hard; and kind of scary. Get yourself a nice brush set and use that to apply the smoky look with eyeshadow. It’s lighter, more even, and much easier to work with (fix).

    3). Blush always looks best when it looks more natural. Don’t go too bright or too dark. Find a nice pink or mauve blush and lightly apply with a brush.

    As long as you don’t apply your make-up with a heavy hand it won’t look trashy.

  15. platinum_garb says:

    ive always used black mascara. honestly, i think you’d need to be really close to someone to tell the difference between brown and black on the lashes.

    for eyeliner, get a waterproof style and try not to smudge it. that will prevent the raccoon eye effect.

    finally, try to find a blush that is close to the color your cheeks turn in the winter if its bitterly cold or what you look like flushed after you exercise. natural is best!

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