RE NATO: ‘Iran poses threat to the whole world’

Senior NATO officials last week called Iran’s nuclear and missile programs “a potential threat to the peace and security of the entire world.” The comments came in conversations with journalists during the meeting in Brussels last week of foreign ministers of North Atlantic Treaty Organization member states. Iran’s nuclear program is not at the top of nato’s agenda. Most of the deliberations, as well as the press briefings, were focused on Afghanistan. Central to the discussion was the recent announcement by US President Barack Obama of the decision to dispatch more American troops to that country The international community’s efforts to pressure Iran into ceasing its nuclear ambitions is spearheaded by the United States, in cooperation with other permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany. In closed talks, and in particular in response to questions raised by journalists from Persian Gulf states, where Iran is perceived as a direct threat, senior NATO officials acknowledged the gravity of the situation. One official said that if the Iranian nuclear issue is not resolved, “It may develop into a threat to the peace and security of the entire world, not only in a specific region [like the Persian Gulf or Israel].” When asked whether NATO would defend states in the event of an Iranian assault he said that the alliance is committed to providing support to all its members, but said, “However, we have other interests. In case of need, we shall take action as we see

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25 Responses to RE NATO: ‘Iran poses threat to the whole world’

  1. hamidious says:

    They really want to get Iran, there’s no escaping it. Americans prepare yourselves to go to Iran next.

    Anyway, America has always been at war, it’s good for a lot of businesses and corporations in the US. + The banks get richer when the government borrows money; it seems war is good for US economy. Israel and the Zionists will be happy too. Unfortunately these people don’t even care about the human losses, it’s all like a good profitable game to them.

  2. s0maliG says:

    Good post, you’re right

  3. DerafsheKavian says:

    Great post. Valid points. I agree that main reason for the wars the West initiates, is to subjugate, control, and the grab the resources of other nations.

    I would add that Iran’s nuclear program is an energy enterprise. The IAEA has indicated numerous times there is no evidence of any diversion to anything other than peaceful use.

  4. PavelChinezul says:

    Great video buddy!

  5. kessmypersainass says:

    there would be loss on both sides…how simple minded are you ?if they could they would of already obama dose not have the heart for war trust me.

  6. sshapewa says:

    the rothschild arent the biggest threat,its the dumb fucking sheeple who fight each other

  7. MrSpieldose says:

    The US had to nuke the moon for goodness sake…

  8. hamidious says:

    America wouldn’t go into a tough war unless it has a lot of allies. They will not go into war alone. Iran has many enemies and they would jump into the opportunity or just fund the war.
    They simply didn’t do it so far because Afghanistan and Iraq were more trouble than expected. Believe me though, it’s cooking.

  9. kessmypersainass says:

    iran always has enemies for 2600 years it has had it blah blah blah i think the world learnd that with sadam NO MATTER WHAT IRANIANS WILL DEFFEND THERE COUNTRY..unless america dose it it self no other country can do it ….iran had a war with 47 countrys helping sadam aginst one….iran dose not buy protection….iran is the protection…..nothing will happen only iran becoming a nuclear power… with it.

  10. dav3Merc says:

    Wrong. Iran is full of religious crazies. These people believe the Holocaust never happened. When, not if, Iran obtains or created nuclear weapons they are going to blow Israel off the map.

    You need to stop watching Alex Jones. Even if a World Government were to be created it would not last long at all. Leaders would become power hungry and even more greedy then they are now. Eventually the World Government would collapse and self maintained micro Governments or countries would form again.

  11. NewKokujinOptions says:

    Arguably, the conservative right is a bunch of religious crazies. Jesus supposedly came for Jews and Gentiles, yet these televangelists back Israel and call them the “chosen people”.

  12. 1988scottcarey says:

    once again bill you did a awesome video!

  13. dav3Merc says:

    Good thing I am Agnostic.

  14. kps75 says:

    Well the Holocaust didn’t happen, what’s your point?

  15. dav3Merc says:

    Really? just go kill yourself.

  16. angelsnupnup7reborn says:

    Peace 4 ever & always, Again you are 1000% correct the # 1 terrorists are the U.S.A. & Israel along with some of their misguided allies. Why is there such an uproar over Iran having a nuclear weapon when the US & Russia have about 3000 warheads put 2gether & the USA is the only nation that has actually used them but Iran can’t be trusted. It seems as thou the real purpose of attacking Iran is gaining their lands to place this oil pipeline,The US government is corrupt,Fight Bill Fight,RespectU

  17. NYJared04 says:

    I am telling ya bill. America is in danger if America doesn’t take back the government without foreign influence.

    Israel gets over $15-20 billion a year from the US taxpayers. This whole plan to invade Iraq was written out long before Bush and Cheney were ever elected into office.

    And when I mean “elected” I mean “selected”.

  18. RULI1974 says:

    sick people are running the u.s govrnment, bill

  19. HoughMorris says:

    u got my fart

  20. kps75 says:

    Oh, so if someone disagrees, they have to kill themselves? Is this a democratic or intellectual principle?

    If someone thinks the Holocaust actually happened somewhere else than in Hollywood and Zionist propaganda, please watch for example “One Third of the Holocaust”, “Buchenwald” and “David Cole in Auschwitz”. The idea with the “Holocaust” propaganda is to let Zionist criminals and terrorists do whatever they want without opposition from westerners who are “guilty”.


    “These people believe the Holocaust never happened”

    What do you mean “these people”? You’re fucking stupid as hell. Iran helped hundreds of thousands of Jews escape from Hitler during the holocaust.

  22. WildBillVT74 says:

    Our “Web Of Truth” (the people’s Internet) can defeat their “Web of Lies” (the Media), If enough people wake up and read their history. It’s time for Ethics to counterbalance Power (Mayan Calendar) 🙂

  23. WildBillVT74 says:

    We have found the enemy, and “They” are U.S. (Government) BUT we are WE THE PEOPLE. 🙂

  24. Adnowwwwn says:

    In a perfect world, no one would need nuclear weapons. But it is the foolish intervention of the United States in other countries’ affairs that compels the small states to acquire nuclear weapons so they don’t end up like Iraq and they have some breathing room when faced with a U.S. threat.

    Iran’s ballistic missiles for example are a huge war deterrent because it endangers our forces in the Gulf.

  25. Adnowwwwn says:

    So yes, nukes are needed for small countries today, yes you can blame the U.S.’s irresponsible use of its military and economical power to shape the world to its purpose at will for it.

    Thank you for getting the message out about this country. It is only after we realize the truth that we can use it to progress.

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