Scottsdale Children’s Photographer Keith Pitts Photography is not your traditional children’s photographer – being static and posed is not his style! Keith specializes in capturing who people really are – his cover quality photographs have the look of a magazine spread – documentary, unobtrusive shots of the children in their natural environment just being kids! To see some great examples, please visit our website at A children or family portrait session with Keith is really like a playdate for the children, or “hanging out for the older kids – no overwrought posing or cajoling, just very easy-going and stress free for all involved. More thorough information about how sessions proceed can be found on our website at http ! Please check out our blog for great offers and seasonal portrait specials:

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  1. mmadden227 says:


  2. blokeish says:

    Excellent. Do what you like & like what you do.

  3. flik2u says:

    wow!!! pictures speak them self

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