Senior class picture on Thursday. Make-up help!?

My senior class picture is on thursday and I have no idea how to do my make up or what to wear. I usually use minmal make up, just some eyeliner to outline my eyes and ehance it and foundation. What should I do and what should I wear? I f you have nothing helpful to suggest don’t waste you time being a jerk. Please and thank you in advanced for your help!

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  1. LJ says:

    make sure you wear mascara and lipstick to balance out your face. you want your eyes to stand out, but go easy on the eye liner. and a good lipstick will balance out your face and brighten your smile. wear a plain shirt so that your shirt doesn’t take away from your face. if you end up using eye liner, only line the top lid, and the outer part of your bottom lid to about the middle of your eye.

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