Senior Musical 2008 – Transylvania Mania

-from Young Frankenstein / Fame Theatre presents Senior Musical 2008 – Encore! Encore! / maddie R and me totally stuff up the timing for the monsterous poses 🙂 you’re welcome!

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4 Responses to Senior Musical 2008 – Transylvania Mania

  1. senorlucien says:

    Way too many people…

  2. kaytee94 says:

    LOL at teh tassles when you bobbed

  3. cheerjewhottie101 says:

    i rly love some of the costumes and this is my favorite show and my skool mite be doing it next year, where did u get these costumes or did u make them please tell me i wood rly like 2 no

  4. lolRhiannon says:

    i know, this section was really fun to perform. our theatre company (Fame) provides us with costumes for each show, but im not sure how they get them.

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